Friday, October 30, 2009

Cherry tattoos

Cherry Tattoos - Sweet and Sexy Tattoo For Women

Articles By Peter Brat

Cherry tattoosCherry tattoos are very popular among women mainly because its a symbol that can express their femininity and sexuality. They can usually be seen at the sexy parts of the body such as the lower hip, lower back, shoulder blade, breast and even in the groin area.

Cherries are seen as an object of lust, fertility and desire. The deep, ripe red cherry represents the fertility of a woman and the femininity of her ways. It is a symbol of purity when still hanging upon the branch. A cherry is also a slang term for a virgin, which can be another symbolic meaning associated with the tat. The type of cherry design you choose can also alter the symbolism.

For example, the cherries with the stem still attached show freshness and innocence while flaming cherries can symbolize a burning desire and cherries with whip cream can signify sweetness. Cherry tattoos can also symbolize health and well being due to the many health benefits associated with eating cherries. The fruit has also long been said to resemble a lover's lips, and when you bite into it, the fruit gives the appearance of bleeding. Thus, there has long been an erotic connection to the fruit of the cherry tree.

Cherry tattooHowever way you chose to have it inked, be it fanciful and sweet, old school or edgy, there are countless design options to choose from. You are not limited to these variations mentioned, they are simply the most common styles and what they represent. Women opt for cherry tattoos not only because of their personal meanings, but also for their versatility in size and ability to be place almost anywhere on the body.

Celtic tattoo designs

Why Are Celtic Tattoo Designs Still Popular After All This Time?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celtic tattoo art

Celtic Tattoo Art - Finding the Quality Designs Out There

Articles By Adam Woodham

Celtic tattoo artIf only there was a way to whittle down the amount of generic images you find when looking for your Celtic tattoo art. The net seems so clogged with generic, cookie cutter designs, especially for this particular niche. You have probably experienced this first hand, so I will tell you a couple secrets about how to avoid it, as well as how to pin point the superb material.

For some people, it can be hard to decipher what is generic and what is truly superb artwork. For one, generic stuff tends to be very bland and old (usually over eight years old). The other thing about generic designs is that they tend not to be specifically drawn to be made into real tattoos. That's the real shocker. If you pick Celtic tattoo art like that, there is a very real chance that is won't look nearly as great once tattooed as it looked on the piece of paper you printed the design on. It's an awaken experience when you recognize that a search-engine only pulls up this type of website for you. All that seems to rear its head is the same generic gallery of images, even for a niche like Celtic tattoo art.

Celtic tattooThere is a solution that will soothe the frustration of bumping into so much low end Celtic tattoos art. The solution happens to be the forgotten world of internet forums. They are great for penetrating the insider information about tattoos and the hidden galleries out there that have so much of the superb artwork you have been missing out on. Starting your journey for great Celtic tattoo art at a forum is always a great choice, because you can find tons of links to the lesser known galleries out there. These places tend to be the ones that have ten times more quality artwork than what you find through ha search-engine.

Celtic tatoo artThe great thing about forums is that they don't take long to explore. Simple search for keywords related to Celtic tattoo art (or you might want to broaden your search to something like "galleries of tattoos"). You will encounter tons of posts, which are packed with real life people who are sharing the links that they have found recently. It's simple way to discover the world of quality Celtic tattoo art that you have not been seeing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celtic tattoo

Celtic Tattoo Art

Articles By Les Stark

Celtic Tattoo Art Style and Substance:

Celtic tattooAmong the various popular genres of art used in tattooing, Celtic art is likely among the most distinctive. There are many different types of Celtic and Celtic-inspired art from which one might choose. The intricate detail work for which this style of art is known has made its impact very apparent in other types of artwork, such as tribal and various styles of abstraction. Celtic art itself, however, is not particularly abstract though it tends to be very stylized. Whether it's representing one's heritage or just representing one's taste in art, these designs remain very popular.

Among the most well-known types of Celtic tattoo art is the Celtic knot. These designs consist of undulating lines and very detailed decoration, usually in the middle portion of the larger lines. The scrollwork effects that characterize this type of art make it excellent for those who want a tattoo that's meant to be viewed close up and, when tattoo artists are looking for a piece of work that represents their skilled hand, it's hard to beat the visual impact of the fine detail involved in creating Celtic and Celtic-inspired designs.

Celtic tattooCeltic culture is from whence come the stories and beliefs of the Druids and many of the traditions and beliefs that characterize neo-Paganism and Wicca. Many of the symbols in this artwork trace their roots back to these ancient beliefs. For example, stylized trees are very popular in this genre. The Druids revered trees, particularly oaks, and this symbol of the natural world is oftentimes represented in very unique and memorable ways in Celtic art. Animals are also popular and they benefit from being rendered in the same distinctive style as are all the other elements found in this genre.

Celtic tattooChoosing a Celtic design takes some consideration. Many of these tattoos look the best if they're situated on a fairly flat area of the body where they can be shown all at once rather than being wrapped around the arm or another limb. Some of them have color and some are only black and white. Where color is concerned, dark greens tend to offset the black work quite nicely and add a touch of this ancient culture's connection to the natural world. Some individuals choose bold colors for these tattoos. Generally, the more colors used the less traditional the art will look though the overall effect will still be quite appealing.

Celtic designs are particularly favored by those who wish to show some spiritual connection to the Earth. Designs which feature a circle wherein all of the four seasons are artistically represented are particularly popular. Other examples of this include designs which feature both the characteristic scrollwork and other detail which is infused with abstractions of various symbols of the natural world. These designs are particularly popular in circular configurations which makes them ideal for the upper arms of males and the back shoulders on females. Armbands which incorporate such designs are also very popular choices.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celtic tattoo designs

Celtic Tattoo Designs - Symbols From a Proud Heritage

Articles By Dave Simpsons

Celtic tatoo designsSo you want to stand out from the crowd? Be a little different? But you don't know what to do, well why not treat yourself to some Celtic tattoo designs.

These designs originated, some of them many thousands of years ago in the Celtic regions of the world, notably Scotland, Ireland and occasionally Wales. The Celts were fierce warriors and were intensely proud people, both of which are reflected in the amazing designs that they produced.

The most traditional designs are the Celtic cross and the Celtic Knot.

People directly descended from the Celts ie the Scots, Irish and Welsh take extreme pride in their history and lineage and many of them are known to proudly bear Celtic tattoo designs. For many of these people the opportunity to wear an ancient Celtic tattoo is a way of expressing respect for their ancestors and showing the pride in the lineage.

These designs are often very complex and can sometimes make people think twice about getting them done. As long as 6 hours in the chair may be required to complete a single design.

Celtic tatoo designsNowadays, especially with the modern designs, not every Celtic symbol has a historic significance. However, many of the traditional Celtic designs do indeed have a historic significance and it can be literally fascinating delving into history to find out the importance of your tattoo.

The complex pattern of the Celtic tattoo designs have many meanings and often they represent the interweaved strands of life love and faith amongst others.

I hope that this small article has kindled your desire to have your very own Celtic tattoo inked. Although they can be complex and possibly even expensive to have done, the end result will stun you and your friends.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Celtic cross tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo - Know the Significance of This Design

Articles By Michael Trott

Celtic cross tattooHaven't decided on a design for your tattoo yet? Why don't you consider the Celtic cross tattoo design? This design is becoming more popular, not just because of the intricate design, but because of its history and its many significant meanings.

Celtic cross tattooFor you to seriously consider using the Celtic cross design, you should know about its rich history. The Celtic or the Irish Cross emerged in Europe in the middle Ages. It is believed that that this simple pagan image was associated with fertility, with the cross representing the male and the circle the female. It can also symbolize fertility in the agricultural sense - combining the cross and the knot work, it appears to be the sun.

When Christianity began to spread around Europe, the image has been elongated into a cross and the symbol was taken up and placed in churches and graveyards. From then on, the symbol has been widely used in Scandinavian countries and was represented well in the Book of Kells. And today, the cross is commonly used in gravestones in Ireland where the strongest Celtic association can be found.

Celtic cross tattooIn modern days, the Celtic cross tattoo is being used to symbolize fertility and Christianity. So, it's only natural that most people choose the Celtic cross tattoo for these reasons. It may also be representative of one's faith in God.

The Celtic cross tattoo design may have different meanings for different people. It depends on how you look at it or what you believe in. What matters is what its significance is to you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cat tattoos

Cat Tattoos - Show Off Your Cat Traits With the Cat Tattoos!

Articles By Julie William Jones

Cat tattoosCat tattoos generally represents domestic care. The pet cats are very playful, independent and cuddly. Sometimes, they maintain distance and are unapproachable. Many of the cat owners; get their cat tattooed on them. The cat tattoo, symbolizes the place you live and the species of the cat. In Egypt, cats are worshiped as gods and are said to be; very sacred and divine creatures. Whereas in Japan, it is the other way round, meaning; the cat brings bad luck. Supernatural powers and mystery are some of the characteristics that the cats are supposed to have. It is believed that; cats can have nine lives and hence they are always related to spirituality and rebirth. Cats are a symbol of sensuality, independence and curiosity.

Cats are represented as a black cartoon image. However, the popular design is; drawing the outline of the cat and filling it with exaggerated features. The body is usually depicted as having; long sleek legs, a tail and a curved torso. The other cat tattoos, display a bow around the neck that is in bright red in color with a studded collar. Cats are fascinating creatures, whether you love or hate them, you cannot hide their mysterious and distinctive qualities. Tattoos of tigers; that belong to the cat family also look good on women.

Cat tattoosCat tattoos also comes along, with the Norse Goddess Freya; who was pulled by a chariot that was driven, by cats; which were large and grey in color. Cat designs; look very sexy on women; who wears it. Cats have a lot of positive traits like intelligence, shrewdness, sensual, perceptive, athletic and agile. Cats are very alert and also have sharp senses. All of these characteristic of the cat, can be expressed or conveyed through a proper cat art; that suits you the best. So, I request you to spend sometime searching on the web and decide the best; that will suit your character.

All cat lovers, who wish to get a tattoo done. Get a realistic picture of your pet on your body; so that, the picture reminds you of your pet; whenever you see it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Celtic design tattoos

Thinking About Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs - Read This Before You Do Anything

Articles By Steve Salvatori

Celtic design tattoosTattoos have been influential in history as they were once used by different cultures for different purposes. The same is true since nowadays; tattoo subjects have extended to ancient symbols. Tattoos also have roots in different a religion, that's probably why it's not surprising that we have adapted some religious symbols as motif for tattoos. One such motif is the Celtic cross tattoo design.

Celtic design tattoosFor some, bearing a Celtic cross design translates to deeper roots and understanding of the symbol. The design represents a heritage that is deeply ingrained and recognized for people who wear them. Although it is not evident at first, the Celtic cross design has a core meaning hidden within its ingenious form. To better understand the meaning behind the Celtic cross, let's try to separate each part of the symbol.

First, the cross itself is believed to be a symbol of Christianity. The circle found merged with the cross is believed to be a symbol for the sun. For some, a circle also represents eternity because of its closed, never ending line. The four points in the symbol may stand for the north, east, south and west. However, some may also say that they represent the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Add to that, the Pagan tradition can also identify the four points as the four festivals of the Celtic year, namely Beltaine, Lamas, Samhain and the Imbolc.

Celtic design tattoosHowever, wearers of the Celtic tattoo design may also find different meaning for the symbol. Depending on the design, they could use the tattoo as a representation of their own personal opinions, beliefs and struggles. Of course, choosing the body part to place the Celtic cross design can also be a message in itself. One popular place where a Celtic cross is often placed is on the arm. However, you could also place it anywhere you want - Robbie Williams actually has one on his right hip.

Celtic cross tattoo designs can be often seen sported by tattoo enthusiasts, still that does not mean that the pattern lacks individuality. You can still edit the design according to your personal specifications with a little help from your favorite tattoo artist. Color combinations are also optional and if you want to go for the vibrant look or the solid black design, then that's your choice.

Since the design has deep roots, a Celtic tattoo pattern is least likely to go out of fashion. It transcends time and constantly gives off a classic look that most tattoo enthusiasts find attractive. If you're thinking of getting ink, then you should probably decide on one that would be timeless, something you would like for a long time. A Celtic cross tattoo is one such option. Edited with bits and pieces of your own idea, a Celtic cross tattoo can be an excellent choice for tattoo virgins or even tattoo enthusiasts who already have a multitude of tattoos. Whatever your choice, good luck on your tattoo hunting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Butterfly tattoos

Sexy Butterfly Tattoos For Women - What Butterfly Qualities Should You Consider?

Articles By Butch Murray

Butterfly tattoosWe've all seen tattoos of butterflies. There are the delicate, small, rounded shape ones like the white butterflies. There are the large, intricate style butterflies that look like their wings are made of stained glass such as the monarch butterfly. Some have long extensions on the hind wings like the swallowtails. They are all beautiful. Butterfly tattoos look especially sexy on women. They are fragile, lightweight insects with strikingly beautiful colors. They exemplify the female form and should be worn proudly. Women love beautiful things. Women and butterflies belong together.

Both women and butterflies have wonderful, curvy forms. They both have delicate, soft texture and are very pleasing to the eye. The fact that the butterfly tattoo can be any size is also important. You can have a small tattoo on the ankle or hip bone. You can place a larger butterfly on the shoulder or above the breast. Or... you can choose to ink a very large butterfly tattoo in the middle of your lower back. Just about any place on the body will work for such a beautiful tattoo.

Butterfly tattoosOne of the main reasons that butterflies make sexy tattoos for women are the choice of colors. You can pretty much ink a butterfly in ANY color. Choose colors to match your eyes, or hair. Some of these colors are almost iridescent. Also, look at the designs on some butterflies. Many look as if the wings are a large face with eyes. This choice of color and design is what lends the butterfly tattoo to so many different types of women.

Don't forget to think about the pose of the butterfly. It can be flying, perched on a branch, both wings up and together (when they are at rest), or grouped together in a field of flowers.

Butterfly tattoosBefore inking a tattoo of a butterfly on your body, spend some time looking at butterfly websites for the the perfect style you like. Choose the color, shape, design, size, pose, placement etc. All of these aspects come into play when creating a sexy tattoo. There are so many to choose from - you want to make the right decision. When you have chosen exactly what you want then you are ready to have the butterfly tattoo design inked on your body.

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