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Fake tattoos

Fake Tattoos - Worth it Or Not?

Fake tattoosWhy are people fond of tattoos? It's a question that is intriguing to most. There is a speculation that getting tattoos are addictive and if you have tried one, you will be coming back for more. So with everything said and done on how people get into the tattoo hype, would Fake tattoos be able to replace the essence of having a tattoo?

Fake tattoos are forms or ways of mimicking the real tattoo. Having an artist draw on your skin using removable ink is a way fake tattoos are implemented.

The Henna Tattoo

While the Henna tattoo idea is somewhat quite similar to the real thing, I still consider this fake because it does not stick to your skin. But what comprises a Henna tattoo, and is getting one worth it? For one, henna tattoos similar to the real tattoo art can be placed anywhere, but if it's going to wear off anyway, why put it in places people won't see right? So probably it is commonly placed in the neck/nape, the arm, the leg (lower part) so that people can actually appreciate your tattoo. Common reactions are, awed, wowed, or disgusted. Yes some people do not like the tattooing idea.

Fake tattoosAnother thing to consider with the henna tattoo is the artist. Since it is similarly implemented as the real one, your artist should be great at it. For one not to infect you with anything, second, so your tattoo will look cool and not look like a 5 year old doodle.

With the above said, ink plus artist equals being expensive. Yes, getting a Henna Tattoo can get quite expensive and the reason for it is that it's not permanent. After a few days it's gone, and if you happen to want to get it placed again, you pay again. So is it that worth it?

Some would say yes due to the mask it creates, the mystery and awesomeness it actually gives its bearer. For others that is priceless so no matter what the effort amounts to, it's definitely a catch.

The Tattoo Sleeves

Fake tattoosHas anyone heard of this? A sleeved tattoo? Well yes, it exists and its just like the real thing. These tattoos are created similar to a stocking where people can just wear them either on their legs or their arms. These fake tattoos are designed to cover the full arm where it will seem that you got a tattoo all over and for sure everyone will be talking about you. Difference with Henna tattoo is that, you can have a small tattoo as a sleeve, it's always the full sleeve where it covers the whole arm or legs. But the benefit of this fake tattoo is that it is not only made for show, but for sun protection as well. Cool huh?

Having a tattoo is great, since it promotes art. And these tattoo sleeves definitely promotes art and culture. Why? Because for one, it can penetrate the mainstream where great art can be displayed. Two, the sleeve is the artist's canvass, its just up to the artist how to demonstrate his great talent on it.

The price, well it's definitely cheaper than the Henna tat, just a few dollars and you got it. And also, it is wearable, so when the day comes when you don't feel like having that tattoo effect on your peers, you take it off. Tattoo sleeves are cheap, so you can have a variety of tattoos on you, everyday or even every week. And the best part is, it does not stick to your skin. You can take it off anytime.

So are these fake tattoos worth it? Try one and see for yourself. Either a henna or a tattoo sleeve will be a good way to try and have a tattoo. ( By Zack Fair )

Fake tattoo

Temporary Tattoos - Why They Became Popular

Fake tattooTemporary tattoos or fake tattoos are gaining more preference nowadays. Before, making temporary tattoos was unheard of. There was simply no market for it because wearing one would make you a "poser". If you wanted to get "inked", your only option was a permanent tattoo.

Fake tattooBut not a lot of us can handle the pain. Tattoos were usually equated to toughness because let's face it. You need to be really tough in order to handle the pain. There's also the question of choosing tattoo designs. Being permanent, you really have to choose the design wisely. A wrong choice can lead to a lifetime of regret or an expensive tattoo cover up.

It's a different story nowadays. Wearing temporary tattoos is becoming an option for everyone. It's a good way to express yourself, minus the pain and the hassle of getting a permanent one. You don't need to be tough in order to get one. Even kids can have them. Not to mention the fact that it's way cheaper than permanent ones.

Besides, kids were the first market for it. There's nothing like colorful temporary tattoos to liven up the kids and the party. It's a great source of entertainment. You just need to give them away during a party and the kids will surely have a blast. It's also a great gift for kids.

Fake tattooAdults then joined the fun. Adults realized that it's a good alternative to permanent tattoos. But before, you had to be content with the available designs. Yes, you can easily get them from tattoo parlors but the tattoo designs back then were limited. If you wanted one, your choice would be among roses, butterflies or angels.

Thankfully, a lot of people recognized the potential of making temporary tattoos. It opened a gateway for more custom temporary tattoo designs. If you have a custom design in mind that you want to wear on your body, you don't have to go to a tattoo artist and get a permanent tattoo. You can easily have your design made into a temporary tattoo. You don't even have to go out of your house, you can easily order it online.

Fake tattooBut why would adults want to make them? There are a lot of uses for temporary tattoos. It is one of those things that basically have the same effect on kids and adults. Sure, it can also liven up any party just like how it livens up children's parties. But there are better uses for it. It's usually used as giveaways for events and fundraisers. I'm sure you know that you really can't give away free permanent tattoos to your guests. So giving your guests temporary ones with your custom tattoo designs is the more logical choice. You can easily customize it to what you think would be best for your event or fundraiser. It's true that the idea of making temporary tattoos in itself is not new. But it can be considered a novelty if you're going to use different tattoo designs each and every time. You can never go wrong with using them as giveaways. It's fun and is a wonderful tool to get your message across. ( By Jennifer T Smith )

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Eternal art tattoo

Qualities of Celtic Tattoo Art

Eternal art tattooCeltic arts have been increasingly popular over the recent years. They have a long history that goes back to ancient times. They have been powerfully persuasive for many tribes and represented a number of different tribes and group. Eternal tattoo art is part of illustrations that accompanied biblical manuscripts in the 4th and 5th century. Christian priests tried to look at visual styles and incorporated both the pagan history of the Celts and traditional symbol of Christianity for religious conversation.

Irish illustrated manuscripts inspire Celtic tattoo art. "The Book of Kells" which is on display at the library of Trinity College in Dublin is one of these manuscripts. The dates from these books believed to have started Celtic tattooing. Nowadays, it is thought that tattooing from Celts started when Celts stone and metalwork began.

Eternal art tattooAncient Celts did not keep many written records instead; they passed knowledge down by telling stories. This is the reason why there is a little proof of their Celtic tattooing remaining though cross tattoos are very popular tattoo design.

One type of this design is the knots tattoos; they are with no beginning and no end. This symbolizes never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. Knots are unending unless they end with zoomorphic design or a spiral. The Celtic knots represent belief in the cyclical nature of life and the eternal power of the circle. Knot work tattoo communicates a feeling rather than representing a physical object. Interlacing knots is one of the reasons why these tattoos are hard to create.

Zoomorphic tattoos are similar in construction to normal knot work. These designs use animal heads, legs, tails, body, or feet. The highly stylized animal portraits convey a feeling of the animal as spiritual complex intertwined with the experience and color of life.

Spiral tattoos formed out of lines which spiral and twirl in a parallel uniform manner. While Maze tattoos have parallel lines in them that create a maze.

Eternal art tattooThere are Celtic themes combined with designs of flowers, sun, skulls, and stars can be very interesting that they look terrific in any body part such as armbands, lower back, upper back, ankles, or shoulders. Celtic tattoos are growing on past pace. Celtic tattoos like no other style require a professional artist, when done well it can be one of the most decorative and meaningful tattoos out there. Celtic tattoo conveys the inner feeling. The interlacing pattern knots, colors, and the use of various symbols together make the Celtic tattoo one of the most popular types of body art. ( By John J. Phillips )

Famous tattoo artists

Famous Tattoos on Celebs

Famous tattoo artistsToday in this modern age there are many popular famous celebrity's that have taken up tattoos as a way of expression. From Axl Rose to 50 Cent, AC/DC and many others have chosen this as an art form. Looking at all of them, We see many well done tattoos that we may like to have for ourselves. Or at least to the point of artwork that may be similar. We can get some of our own ideas when we see these well designed pieces of skin art. We also have to look at the fact that many of them were obtained at a very high price.

Famous tattoo artistsBut with a little luck we can get something unique just like they did. Remember most famous people who are in the public's eye have to have something that others do not have. In that case so should you, No matter how much you like what someone else has. It should be done in a different inconspicuous way.

If everyone had the same Tattoo, We would all be the same which isn't good.

Famous tattoo artistsWhen we look into getting tatted we should also have our own designs that will set us apart from everyone else. Take the initiative to be different, Make your designs say who you are and what you like.

Also, If this is your first Tattoo remember there may be some pain involved. But when you see the beautiful design that you took care in making. It will all be worth it in the long run. Like the old saying "No pain, No gain". The only thing that now will limit you is your own imagination. ( By Jane Tiffany Williams )

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Fantasy tattoo designs

Wing Tattoo Designs

Fantasy tattoo designsOrigins
One type of tattoo designs that is becoming highly popular is wings. Wing tattoo designs can exhibit grace, beauty, and power depending on the design. Just a tiny set of wings can show off whatever emotion you want Here are several different wing versions so that you can find the best style for you:

Butterfly Wings
These are probably the most colorful of all the wing design tattoos. If you are the sort of person who enjoys bright, vibrant tattoos, this could be the design for you. Some people prefer the wings to cover their entire backs. However, such large tattoos with a lot of color can easily take a large chunk out of your wallet. For those working with less money, the pair of wings can be smaller or in black and grey. And lets not forget about the typical "butterfly on the shoulder"! It's a classic, sexy look that will always be popular.

Fantasy tattoo designsAngel Wings
The primary reason people choose this particular design is due to its meaning and symbolism that goes with angels. The wings are likely to hint that that person is spiritual. Of course, many nonreligious people opt for angel wings because of their outward and obvious beauty. Tattoos mean something different to each person. With full back coverage, angel wing tattoo designs can appear to be "real". This is a major reason that many people get this tattoo. Also, angel wings are usually cheaper than butterfly wing tattoos of equal size because little to no color is used. This style doesn't necessarily need to be on your back, either. Other popular spots are wrists and the back of necks.

Fantasy tattoo designsDemon Wings
Demon Tattoos are similar to angel wing tattoos because both have spiritual meaning. However, the meaning for these tattoos can be quite different. These designs are not quite as popular as the other wing tattoos, but they have quite a popular fan base among certain groups. They are usually done in black and grey, but there's nothing saying that you can't use color. The most popular colors for this style are reds, purples and blues.

Fantasy tattoo designsFairy Wings
Fantasy tattoo designs are ever popular, and fairy wings are no exception. This design mostly appeals to women, but men might also like the beautiful colors and designs. Again, it's all about what the tattoo means to you. Although these wings are colorful like butterfly wings, this design will probably be less expensive. This is because the colors normally associated with "fairies" are pastels and other cooler shades. This means there will be less ink than the heavy inking for butterfly designs.

This article is merely a guideline. Choose the tattoo style that is most appropriate for you! And, as always, pick a wing tattoo design that you won't regret 30 years from now!
( By Charlotte Tweed )

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy Tattoo Designs - The Sexiest, Hottest and Cutest in Feminine Tattoo Designs

Fairy Tattoo DesignsFairy tattoo designs are a great design to consider. Of course if you are trying to pick a tattoo design you should always go with your gut and pick a design because it is important to you. Don't ever get a tattoo because it was popular at the time as you might regret your decision later. However, if you were already considering different fairy tattoo designs there are a lot of options out there for you. That is one of the greatest things about tattoos. You are never stuck to only one style. You can take any type of tattoo and alter it in an infinite number of ways to suit your needs. Well, fairy tattoos are no different there are an infinite way to customize them. Here are just a few of the things you can do with your own tattoo design.

Tribal Fairy Tattoo
Fairy Tattoo DesignsA tribal fairy tattoo can work great. Although at first this might not be a combination that people think of. Yet for some people a standard fairy might be too feminine or too cute and they might want something that looks a little more powerful and strong . Thus adding the bold and strong black lines of a tribal design into the fairy can work well. It creates a certain amount of balance in the design. So how can a tribal design work with a fairy design? Well the wings can be done in a tribal black line work design or you can feature a tribal design on the sides or even behind the fairy. For example think of a long rectangular tattoo design like the lower back tattoo. A fairy wouldn't fit correctly here as it would get too stretched out and not work well. So a person can easily place the fairy in the middle and then have two tribal line work designs going out away from the fairy.

Cute Fairy Tattoos
Fairy Tattoo DesignsAnother version of a fairy tattoo is a cuter version. The actual design can be made to look cute, sexy, feminine even coy. It is all about the positioning of the fairy and the expression on the face. For example a fairy with long legs and a short little skirt will look very different and convey a different meaning then a fairy that looks shy and is hiding her face. So spend some time considering how you want your fairy to be posed and the expression on the face that you are after. Do you want to show your sexy side to the world in this cute tattoo design or your shyness?

Natural Fairy Tattoos
There is always the all natural fairy tattoo that lives with other woodland creatures in a very natural environment. These can be anything from a very bold statement and appreciation for nature to a more mystical and mysterious design depending on the placement of the elements of the design, and the colors used. For example if the natural environment has glimmering stars and fog it will look more magical then one with big trees.

Butterfly Fairy Tattoos
Fairy Tattoo DesignsOf course there is also the butterfly fairy tattoo mix which can work well also. This can be anything from a cute fairy sitting on top of a magical mushroom and a butterfly landing on her hand to a butterfly fairy. That would be a fairy with butterfly wings. ( By Chris Ryerson )

Fairy tattoos

Fairy Tattoos For Women - Go Cute, Tribal and Sexy With Your Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoosFairy tattoos are popular with women and girls because of their cutesy appearance added with supernatural powers and psychic abilities that this creature supposedly possesses. Fairies have expanded their popularity, by traversing right from the fantasy books and movies all the way to the body art parlors and the trend continues to rise.

Fairy tattoo designs are executed in a variety of ways depending on the wearer or the creativity of the artist. Various poses of fairies, both cute and sexy are combined with flowers, hearts, crosses, glitter, stars, sun, moon and other fantasy themes to create the magical and mythical piece of body art. They can be tattooed in different colors, ranging from red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue to black and white. They are usually inked on lower back, ankles, arms, upper back, lower stomach and shoulder blade. Some add a touch of tribal art, Celtic, Gothic and even Irish while some choose the cartoon version of the fairy tattoos.

sexy-white panties fairy tattoosFairy tattoos can be regarded as symbols of youthful innocence and a desire to retain a child-like imagination, wonder and awe. They can also represent a woman as being free-spirited and naughty in certain ways. They can also portray their nurturing and feminine side with fairies being naturally sweet and delicate. They exhibit an aura of sexiness and innocence at the same time; it can represent a realm of fantasy as an escape from the reality world. Whatever fairy tattoos mean to a woman, they are just so cute and plain pretty making it one of the most magical and fab designs of all time. ( By Peter Brat )

Fairy tattoos picture

Fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoo

Cute Fairy Tattoos - Finding Unique Designs is No Fairy Tale!

Fairy tattooLet's face it - generic designs of cute fairy tattoos are dime a dozen, both in the offline and online world. Sure, you can find boatloads of fairy artworks lying around cyberspace with just a couple of clicks, but like I said, most of them are just a bunch of silly looking, pure generic creations, forcing you to spend hours or even days plodding through online, only to end up with another bunch of crappy junk.

My girlfriend can attest to this fact because about a month ago, she was looking for a couple of fairy tattoo ideas to stamp on her back. Instead of tattoos, she had a backache sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours, plowing dozens of websites in search of "Enid Blyton-esque" cute fairy tattoos (she's a die hard Enid Blyton fan). Anyway, like a good boyfriend, I decided to help out in order to end her futile search.

Fairy tattooIt was really difficult in the beginning, but after several hours, it finally came to my attention that In order to find cute fairy tattoos that are creatively unique, you don't have to drill deep into the search results or go from websites to websites. Unless you're absolutely in love with doing redundant tasks, I suggest that you check out the following source to pick up a plethora of ideas for your own tattoo design. You do well to keep in mind that tattoos last permanently, so it's wise that you select carefully, or risk marking your body with designs that might evoke the feeling of regret later on.

1. Discussion boards - This is a good source for locating tattoo ideas. Many tattoo enthusiasts would hang around the board offering great tips and advice on tattoo aftercare, recommended studios for getting inked as well as little known places for seeking unique and decent artworks including cute fairy tattoos as well. The only drawback is that that members tend to upload low resolution tattoo images resulting in poor quality prints. I can't very well take a low quality tattoo print to my local inker as his thermal-fax won't be able to develop the stencils properly.

Fairy tattoo2. Tattoo art databases. - For impressive collection of body art creations, look no further than tattoo art databases. They are absolutely terrific spots for locating top of the line tattoo designs that are displayed in high-resolution flash. In fact, my girlfriend was drunk with joy when she discovered that a particular database has a wide array of cute fairy tattoos that she could never hope to find in any of those generic tattoo gallery sites. Tattoo databases also earn another plus point due to its frequently updated content which means that you'll never be out of design ideas. Oh, and best of all, you'll never ever need to scour hundreds of bland gallery sites to find cute fairy tattoos that are unique and stylish. ( By Joser Kovacs )

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Fairy tattoos

Fairy Tattoos - Tattoo Design Your Own Unique and Magical Fairy

Fairy tattoo

Fairy Tattoo Designs - How to Find the Perfect Tattoo

Fairy tattoo

Imagine what it would be like to have the perfect fairy tattoo design. The design that nobody would have even thought of. Wouldn't it be awesome to be walking around the street and have complete and total strangers comment on how cool your tattoo is? Fairy tattoo designs can be very unique, if you are interested in getting one then keep reading.

Why are these types of designs so good? Because you can take them in almost any direction. The fairy can represent so many things. Another benefit is the fact that men think they are really hot! Below, you will learn about some of the most interesting and unique things you can do with your fairy tattoo.

Fairy tattooThe first one is what I like to call a nature fairy. You will always see these kinds of fairies on TV, especially if you are watching a cartoon. The ones that hang around in the woods and are always trying to just help people out. This is the most common type of design when it comes to fairies. If you are into nature I highly recommend you consider getting this one.

The next one we will talk about is called the "sexy fairy" The only major difference between this one and the one mentioned above is the location of where the tattoo is. Typically, you want to get these tattoos on your lower stomach or lower back. Another big difference between these tattoos is the facial expression of the fairy. You want this fairy to have long legs, a short skirt, and possibly even consider having her bite her bottom lip. If there is one tattoo guys will be all over it is this one!

Fairy tattoocombination tattoos look great, especially if it is a butterfly and a fairy. If you are looking for an innocent tattoo then it is suggested you go with this one. You can have the fairy and the butterfly floating around together. Or maybe you can have the fairy sitting on a tree while the butterfly soars over her head. There are a million different direction you can go with this one.

In my opinion, this next one I am about to mention is the coolest and most unique of them all, it is a tribal fairy tattoo. People rarely think of doing this but they are possibly the most beautiful tattoo's I have ever seen. Add strong, bold, black tribal lines to the fairy. This might sound crazy but trust me, if you have seen one you would agree that it is incredible. ( By David Wesenburg )

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Eagle tattoos

The Eagle Tattoo Has Been Around a Long Time

Articles By Jared Wadel

Eagle tattoos never really disappeared, although they are mostly seen on a biker-kind-of guy or girl. Also popular and full of symbolism are tattoos of the mythical phoenix bird, aka firebird, and tribal bird tattoos.

Birds, as well as other animals, were some of the first pictorial tattoos done on humans. These animal tattoos often held meaning beyond the usual symbolism of a particular species - they also designated belonging to groups and societies. Birds are often included with other tattoo images.

Whatever the pattern may be it depends on the private?s selection therefore reflecting a region of the personality of the individual who has it. Many prefers tattooing tiny pattern because they are less traumatic and at the same moment it allows them to transport something private on their bodies ever which cannot be located well.Eagle tattoos are a way to show your patriotic feelings for America. Such a design could work with an American flag or a military symbol. These type are a typically male tattoo design that crosses over a significant number of tattoo genres, and the influence of the eagle in American tattooing cannot be underestimated.

Eagle tattoos are one of them, which reflect the strength and common are the choices for the men and women serving in the police, firefighters, military personnel, or other members of the service. Stressing articulates such as freedom, the strength and freedom are added to the most popular choice of banners or a tattoo of an eagle particularly if the tattoo is done as a tribute to the memory of someone or to turn the 'whole image impressive.Eagles are counted among the birds with strong resistance heel that climbs high in the sky, which have a strong view.

Eagle tattoo designs

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Articles ByAlice Farrell

Eagle tattoo designsTattooing is one of the oldest forms of art that was created by humans. It could be used as a form of self expression or even as a form of rebellion. Others merely want tattoos for ornamentation and design for their bodies.

In the past, people even considered tattoos to be magical symbols that existed to strengthen women's fertility, ensure the sacredness of their chiefs, and other beliefs that different cultures had. Nowadays, tattoos have become more and more popular whether it is to simply want decoration for your body, or for a deeper meaning such as expression of a certain belief or principle.

There are several designs for tattoos to choose from. One of the most popular designs is animal designs. Among the animal designs, eagle tattoo designs have become extremely popular as well. Having an animal tattooed can signify your support for animal rights or protection, your testimony for a certain religious belief, or simply because you identify with the animal's characteristics.

Eagle tattoo designsEagle tattoo designs are extremely popular among patriots, environmentalists, bikers, and extremists. The eagle is a symbol for freedom and power. There is a number of patriots and members of the military who sport eagle tattoo designs. The eagle has also long been connected with the power of the sun. In the past, Egyptians used to worship eagles, while the Greeks considered the eagle to be a symbol of Zeus.

Eagle tattoo designsIn the present, eagle tattoos have been extremely popular especially during the 4th of July celebration in the USA because the animal is a symbol that shows strength, honor, and loyalty to the USA.

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Dragonfly tattoos

Dragonfly Tattoos Are Beautifully Offbeat

Articles By Mark F Hargreaves

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoos are for individuals who are searching for something beautifully offbeat. They are popular for many different types of people because they can be made so that they are feminine and colourful, or they can be drawn so that they are quite bug like, scary, dark, and masculine. Male or female, masculine or feminine, dragonfly tattoos are great choices for just about everyone who wants something just a little bit unusual.

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoos are perfect for just about any part of the body. They are often basic images that provide a lot of visual impact. Dragonfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles available. This type of tattoo is actually quite plain to draw, so even if you are not an artist you can help design the dragonfly that you'd like to put on your body so it's unique to your personal style and preferences.

Dragonfly tattoos have a quite mystical quality to them. A fairy tale quality that may be quite beautiful, but in a more distinct way than a fairy or butterfly image. Dragonfly tattoo designs can often be given a stark tribal look, for example, that's quite masculine. They are very popular today but for many years dragonflies were condemned and revolted in the western world. The Dragonfly has always been a mystery for the west and it is often assumed to be related to which craft and black magic.

There are many myths in western folk lore where dragonflies would do nasty things to little children and they were definitely associated with the devil. In America for several centuries, dragonflies were believed to have the power to stitch closed the eyes and mouths of sleeping children. People have always assumed dragonflies to be related to black magic in the western world. For over a thousand years dragonflies were considered to be 'witch animals' and were exterminated wherever possible.

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoo designs can be seen landing everywhere on peoples arms, shoulders, chests, hips and lower backs. Dragonfly tattoo designs are wildly popular with women. They are fun and colourful while at the same time being a little more unique and unexpected. Dragonfly tattoo designs give you the same freedom of making a colourful tattoo perfect for those rather flirty locations like the hip or lower back and is indicative of a person who cannot be easily categorized, just like the creature that inspired it.

If you go to your local tattoo parlor to discuss dragonfly tattoos, the chances are that they will also have ample ideas for tattoo designs. The design may be a small sexy secret or a large tribute to the wild and free spirit that the dragonfly represents. Dragonflies are often seen combined with other mystical designs such as fairies, stars, skulls, arrows and moons.

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoos are a perfect representation for anyone who wants to express their free spirit. The dragonfly inhabits air and water realms in it's larval and adult stages and passes the influence of both these elements on to the wearer.The most sought after colours for dragonfly tattoos are black, grey, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, white, violet and purple.

The dragonfly tattoos are adopted by both men and women, young and old though they are often referred to as quite cute, sexy and feminine. Their universal appeal in conjunction with the great variety of styles and colours that they can be portrayed in means that Dragonfly Tattoos are just going to get more popular in the future.

Dragon tattoo gallery

Dragon Tattoo Gallery

Articles By Michael Mantis

Dragon tattoo galleryI grew up around dragons. No, not the mythological ones, although I think I would have liked to. (If they were anything like Draco – the dragon from Dragonheart). No, I was one of the products of the 1980’s – the decade of Dungeons & Dragons. I have had more crazy adventures with my brothers and sister to haunt me for a lifetime! Moreover, from one D & D player to another – never let your older brother be the dungeon master – they always cheat!

I never really got into the whole mysticism behind the winged creatures, but my sister became the resident expert in our home. (That is, if you do not include my fire-breathing mother when she was angry!) My sister soon began to collect the small Dungeons & Dragons figurines – specifically dragons. When 1994 rolled around, she got her first dragon tattoo on her upper left shoulder.

She never got a whole lot of dissension for getting a dragon, as I did when I got my fairy tattoos. One artist actually asked if I were a lesbian for getting tattoos of naked women on my legs! What the heck? Why wasn’t my sister accused of the same thing, since it seems like dragons tend to be seen more on men than women? Hmm – I must still have some unresolved sibling issues buried somewhere! Anyway, her reason for enjoying dragons as much as she did actually had her stumbling for an explanation.

“I’ve always liked the idea of dragons, and I think it all started when I saw the movie The Neverending Story. In that movie, the dragon looked like an albino golden retriever. After that, I started to like them because of their need to protect and guard treasures. I don’t know – I guess I just liked the idea of dragons being impervious to pain and danger. Oh, and I also liked the idea of frying my enemies to a crisp!”

Dragon tattoo galleryDragons tended to originate, once again, from oriental backgrounds. Some believed that dragons protected the deity, Buddha, and the Buddhism religion. Impervious to fire, dragons were considered gods of water and the sea, with certain powers to influence rain and storms in general. There were four guardians in such stories – one for each direction – North, South, East, and West. The Northern guardian was named Genbu, a green dragon that brought winter. Suzaku, the red dragon of the South, was the bringer of summer. The Western white dragon, Byakko, brought fall to the lands. The Eastern guardian, Seiryu, was a blue dragon associated with spring.

Perhaps many love the dragon lore because it, like much of the creatures of the Orient, shrouds itself in the mysteries of life, and the values that one must adhere to in order to attain true understanding of ourselves. (Gads, I feel like Jack Handy, of Deep Thoughts, or something!) Either way, they are construed as courageous creatures that protect and stand up for what they had been given charge of. Why not ink one on?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dragon tattoo designs

The Growing Interest in Dragon Tattoo Designs

Articles By Terry Daniels

Dragon tattoo designsDragon tattoos are extremely popular, regardless of age or gender. Dragons have been a part of mythology in several cultures, and they have had various meanings and roles.

Dragon Art Tattoos

Dragon tattoo designsBecause of the differences between cultures and beliefs, dragon tattoos can have many different meanings. The dragon can be fierce, elegant, beautiful, or even cute, based on the cultural depiction that you choose. With a small amount of creativity, your dragon tattoo design can be an original and unique work of art, as well.

Dragon tattoo designsDragon mythologies are often as different as the cultures that possess them. For example, European dragon lore is full of knights hunting and slaying the fire breathing beasts that stole gold, kidnapped young girls, and destroyed livestock and homes. In contrast, Asian cultures depict a much different image, with wise old dragons who were able to make prophecies that helped the people of the area live better, and stay safe. These creatures were revered as gods, and were asked for help when needed. Even in the Middle East, dragon mythology can be found, though these tales are mostly based on the large lizards that live in the area. Regardless of the culture, stories of dragons have been passed down for generations. Most of these tales have unknown origins, but the stories remain very popular.

In many cases, as with Celtic dragon tattoos, dragon tattoo designs show a large reptilian creature with the features of a lizard. More detailed tattoos will even show individual scales on the dragon's skin. Some even possess a forked tongue, a common reptilian feature. Many dragons are shown flying, or with their bat-like wings stretched out, and breathing fire. These common elements are all part of the European depiction of a dragon, which is how our culture generally envisions them.

Dragon tattoo designsDragon tattoos can mean something different to each person. Usually, this meaning can be shown in the way that a dragon is depicted. If the dragon is meant to express strength, the image will usually show a very large, fierce dragon with massive wings. These dragons are usually breathing fire, either to the side, or directly at the person viewing the tattoo. If the dragon is supposed to show wisdom and intelligence, the dragon is often shown smiling or thoughtful. The most common depiction of this would be Chinese dragon tattoos. With images such as these, the dragon is often designed to appear old and weathered to express wisdom. Some are even shown with long, gray beards or moustaches.

Dragon tattoos can represent a variety of emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, wisdom, adventure, mischief, strength, and bravery. The key is to choose an image that represents you the best. Dragon tattoo designs can be any color. Men often choose red or green, while women often choose purple, blue, or pink. However, the color choice is up to you, and that will make your dragon tattoo as unique as you are.

Dragon tattoo

Dragon Tattoo Gallery - Where to Find the Best

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Dragon tattooDragon tattoos are excellent choices for ink. Strong, bold, yet intricate and exact; these tattoos definitely pop out. So where can you find the best designs? A dragon tattoo gallery will contain all kinds of dragon designs.

Here are 3 different options:

1. Free sites online:

Dragon tattooThere are a number of free gallery sites online where you can find many different tattoos, including dragons. Many of the free dragons you'll find tend to be generic designs that you have probably seen before. Nothing too elaborate, elegant, or bold. But if you are looking for a basic design, then a free site might be for you.

2. Tattoo Artists Gallery.

Dragon tattooAnother option for a dragon tattoo gallery, are individual tattoo artists which have their own site, and specialize in dragons. These can be very unique and original, but there may be a fairly high fee for obtaining each design. Nevertheless you may find a great design that could definitely be worth it.

3. Tattoo Membership Galleries Online.

Dragon tattooThe best option for a dragon tattoo gallery is usually one which features many different designs listed in various categories. Membership sites provide this. Each category will contain "the best of the best". The category for dragons will contain high quality designs, which work excellent for tattoos. After you find your ideal dragon design, you can always go back and download more designs for future tattoo work. Good galleries will usually have a one time sign up fee, but you will get access to an unlimited number of designs which you can download for present or future ink work.

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