Thursday, April 29, 2010

Design your own tattoos

Design Your Own Tattoo Easily

Design your own tattoosA lot of people want to design their own tattoo. It is possible, even if you are not artistic. There are different ways you can go about learning how to design your own tattoo. Here are two of the easiest and most straight forward methods.

You have 2 choices if you want to design your own tattoo: Either you be the artist or you use an artist.

1. Being the artist.

Design your own tattoosIf you are artistic and can draw decently, then you may very well want to make your own design. This can be easier and more creative, but at the same time it can be frustrating trying to get things perfect.

Your best bet is to look through a tattoo gallery online at all of the existing high quality designs and then get a sense of how your design needs to look for it to be an effective and striking tattoo.

2. Using an artist.

Design your own tattoosNow, you can still be the designer of your own tattoo even though you use someone else to do the actual drawing. Think of it as someone who designs a building, but brings in an artist to make a rendition.

Before you bring in your artist, first you should write down ideas and have examples ready of what style and feel you want the tattoo design to be. The best thing to do is to look at an online tattoo gallery and pick out a handful of high quality designs which are similar in style and feel to what you are after. Then your artist will have a good idea of how to best draw your design. ( By Chess McDoogle )

Daisy tattoos

Making Good Use of Daisy Tattoos

Daisy tattoosDid you know daisy tattoos are often placed on faces, as well as hands? Unlike tear drops, you will find that daisies create a lively, almost whimsical air. Regardless of where you want to have a tattoo, daisies are sure to create an upbeat air. You may even find that this will be the perfect tattoo to try if you have never had one before.

Daisy tattoosDo you enjoy plant and animal cartoon characters? Unlike roses, daisies lend themselves well to facial features, and even character poses. Regardless of whether you want a tattoo of a daisy singing in the shower, or a pair gossiping in the garden, everyone that sees them is sure to smile. You may even find that these tattoos will help you smile on days when everything seems to be going wrong.

If you aren't sure about the colors or designs that daisies can be adapted to fit, you may want to have a look at the ones featured on the Chopper Tattoo website. While some images may be downright hilarious, others are sure to evoke deeper and more profound sentiments. Regardless of what you want to convey, chances are you can do it successfully with daisy tattoos.

Daisy tattoosAs you may be aware, daisies are also very popular when it comes to forming letters. You may even find that your local tattoo artist has a number of basic words already made from daisies. On the other hand, if you want your own name formed into a daisy tattoo, it may be much easier to have done than you realized. As may be expected, you can always try to come up with your own design, and then see if you can find a tattoo artist that is willing to place it on your body. ( By Alexis Anderson )

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flame Tattoo

Shooting Star Tattoos and Designs

Flame Tattoo Shooting star tattoos are currently one of the most sought after tattoo designs. Their popularity continues to rise because they are attractive and eye catching. The symbolic value of shooting star tattoos is connected to the belief that these types of stars make wishes come true. It is believed that if anyone wishes on a shooting star, his or her wish will be fulfilled. People who choose to ink themselves with shooting star tattoos and designs symbolically carry with them the hope that anything they desire will be availed to them. Typical designs incorporate both large and small stars that reduce in size as the stars reach the bottom of the design. This imagery is often very attractive and nice to look at. The result is a magical tattoo of many stars that are sprinkled all over a particular area of the body or skin. As the stars continue to decrease in size, they appear to be little trinkets that manage to cover a substantial area without being too overwhelming. This symbol of good luck is both appealing and meaningful. Some men may shy away from shooting star tattoos and designs but the reality is that this particular type of tattoo is appropriate for both men and women.

These types of tattoos symbolize good luck, success, and wishes for good things in life. they also represent the concept of grabbing opportunities when they arise. The fleeting moment of a shooting star means that the precious moment should not be allowed to slip away. Shooting stars are also commonly referred to as falling stars. Falling star tattoos have become more common and they are highly recommended for people who want to make a statement without being too over the top. They are an opportunity for people to express how they feel and give other people an idea of whom they are and what they feel about life. This is why it always important to choose tattoo designs that one will be comfortable with for a long time. Shooting star tattoos and designs are amazing art forms and a skilled artist can bring out the wonder of these stars on a person's skin. A tattoo is an investment in body art that can either be for public viewing or personal pleasure and reflection.

Flame Tattoo There are many types of shooting star tattoo designs and these are based on personal tastes and preferences that determine what the tattoo will eventually look like. With imagination and creativity, shooting star designs can be incorporated into other shapes for people who want to steer away from more conventional tattoo designs. The popular design constitutes the image of stars of different sizes spreading across the design to provide the feeling of stars shooting away. Ideally, this should be the standard image but to make it more unique, other images can surround the design. These images include flame tattoo deigns and pictures of the moon that can beautifully frame the stars. The aesthetic composition of shooting star tattoos is a key reason why more and more people are choosing to ink this particular design on different parts of their bodies. The design has a cultural or spiritual significance to some people but for others, the undeniable beauty of the tattoo is enough to convince them to try it out. Famous celebrities have not been left out of the trend and there is a high demand for shooting star tattoos in the entertainment industry. This also inspires many young people and young people at heart to choose the design.

The typical presentation of shooting star tattoo designs is a large star that provides the point of focus. Numerous small stars that continue to decrease in size as they gradually move away from the large star in a trail surround this large star. The design is usually done in black ink but the use of bright, varied colors is also recommended. Women especially like to use bright colors on their star tattoos. They also add more magic to the design by placing other images aside from the small stars. Standard designs provide a basis or backdrop for what the tattoo can look like but a tattoo artist can add something extra to make the tattoo completely unique. A key advantage of shooting star tattoos is that they are simple and easy for skilled artists to create. Creativity is essential during the process and it is important for the artist to have a clear understanding of the type of tattoo that a person wants. To gather ideas regarding the best styles for shooting tattoos and designs, it is a good idea to go through an online gallery of designs that can serve as a guide. This will ensure that there will be no disappointment or regret after the tattoo is completed.

Flame Tattoo The popular or preferred parts of the body where shooting star tattoos are commonly placed are the stomach, ankle, nape of the neck, shoulder, and arm. Many people are placing the tattoo on their abdomen but this more of a personal choice than a fad. The tattoo can actually be placed anywhere, depending on a particular individual's style and affinity for pain. This is because certain parts of the body are more painful to tattoo than others. The placement of the tattoo design also depends on how visible a person would like the tattoo to be. If the tattoo is supposed to be seen regularly, the neck is a good option. The back would be a discrete option for people who rarely or v=never expose their backs. A single star is ideal for the ankle or shoulder. A group of stars looks good when placed on the shoulder or along the abdomen area as a delicate trail of stars. Stars with bright flames are very striking and aesthetically pleasing. The brighter the flame the better. Comets also work well with shooting star tattoos and designs. The stars can be black, colorful or simply outlines. These celestial bodies have long been popularly depicted in art. With tattoos being the next frontier of the art world for many people, there is no wonder that this is a favored type of tattoo today. Whatever meaning or whether there is a meaning or not to a person's shooting star tattoo, it is sure to be attractive and not something likely to be regretted later. ( By Jonathan S Harris )

Cross tattoo designs

Cool Cross Tattoo Designs - What You Need to Know Before Getting One

Cross tattoo designs So you have been looking at a lot of cool cross tattoo designs in your local tattoo shop. But have you really made up your mind about getting one? Have you thoroughly done your research on getting a tattoo? Read on for some of the few things you may want to put into consideration:

First, what is a tattoo? A medical and scientific definition gives us something that means: "a process of permanently inserting colored pigments below a person's skin with the use of a needle or any sharp instrument". There are other dictionaries that define a tattoo as an indelible mark inserted underneath the skin. This gives us the idea that any instrument will do the job and that it does not matter if an instrument is sharp or not.

Cross tattoo designs Actually, a sharp needle is one of the first requirements for those cool cross tattoo designs to come out looking perfect. A sharp sanitized needle to be more precise, is needed to puncture the skin so the pigment or ink can be inserted underneath the skin. The human skin on the other hand, consists of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer which is also known as the hypodermis that attaches your skin to the muscles and the bones. The top layer of the skin, basically consists of a layer of dead skin cells and a person with healthy skin, replaces this layer every single month. So if that is the case, how come tattoos stay permanent?

Cross tattoo designs If you really are hooked on cool cross tattoo designs and would like to know how exactly these designs would remain with you for the rest of your life, read on. A tattoo is permanent simply because once it is done correctly, the tattoo artist will pierce the ink or pigment particles below the epidermis and right into the part of the skin between the epidermal and dermal skin layers. The second layer of the skin, the dermal layer, contains a lot of blood vessels, hair follicles, nerves as well as lymph vessels. When you get a tattoo, the ink or pigments get trapped in the dermis.

Cross tattoo designs Since ink or tattoo pigments are foreign objects to your body, the lymphocytes will try to remove the ink from your body especially if the ink that was used is inorganic or toxic. Because the dermis is pierced with massive amount of organic or non toxic pigment, the lymphocytes would then try to remove what it can from the body. What it could not remove is taken care of by the macrophages which are another form of white blood cells. What these does is to encircle the organic ink particles and begin a process that would start the formation of scar tissues, imprisoning the organic ink particles in place and there it will forever remain.

Should you decide on cool cross tattoo designs or any other form of body art and you do decide to get that tattoo, make sure that you do a background research on the tattoo art shop that you would be going to. ( By Russell Reugh )

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design a tattoo

Accentuate Your Body With a Sexy Tattoo Design

Design a tattooTattoos, which are largely popular today can be an accessory to spice up one's looks. Women, in particular, are often closely associated with sexy tattoo designs. These designs are tattooed in various parts of the body - some exposed to the public eye while other sexy tat designs are tattooed discreetly in parts that remain shielded from the prying eyes.

The options are aplenty where sexy tat designs are concerned. Still, the crop of women tend to largely associate tat designs that are colored with sexiness. For instance, a large rose tattoo with bright red colors on its petals, green for its leaves and brown/black for its stem/thorns is widely regarded as sexy. Having mentioned that, where sexy tattoo designs are concerned, many have the notion that apart from the designs in itself, the placement of these tattoos in itself are equally important.

As we mentioned earlier, sexy tattoos that are tattooed on different parts of the body will give out different messages or different levels of sexiness for that matter. As an example, women who choose to get tattoos on their breast and chest are are said to be romantic. On the other hand, tattoos that are done on the more intimate areas of the woman's body such as the inner thigh is said to ooze high in the level of sexiness. The reason for this is, as we mentioned early in the article, rarely seen by most people other than those that have c close, intimate and sexy relationship.

What this means is the issue of sexy tat designs is largely debatable and one that largely depends on the individual getting the tattoo. It comes down to the choice of whether the bearer intends the sexy tat design to be appreciated by the public or reserved for a special someone.

In addition, as sexy tat designs becomes increasingly popular and complement a host of different popular fashion, style and trends, more women are getting these tattoos to go with their hair, top, handbag and other fashionable accessories. With that in mind, an experience tattoo artist will be able to give suggestions and recommendations regarding the perfect sexy tattoo designs to obtain in order to complement a specific fashion, style or/and trend that is currently hot.

The above is only a guide for you to get your sexy tattoo designs that would suit you most. Getting the perfect sexy tattoo design will accentuate your body features and can make you look sexier than you would otherwise be without them. ( By Michael Y. )

Custom tattoo design

Tattoo Drawings Are The Foundation Of A Great Tattoo

Tattoo Drawings

Custom  tattoo design When looking at tattoo drawings we must first of all consider the different types of tattoo available so we can make a decision on which design to go for, including the consideration of opting for a custom tattoo or a pre-made design. Here are some suggestions that you may wish to look at tattoo drawings for or even come up with your own: -

Kanji Tattoo

These are originally from China and are made up of pictures ( symbols ) which represent meanings. It can be tricky to find Kanji tattoos that have meanings which make perfect sense. More importantly perhaps is the consideration whether the meaning is best suited to males or females.

Dragon Tattoos

These are popular and are coming back into fashion. These tattoos have many different types of dragon ranging from traditional to mythical dragons.

Custom Tattoo

Custom tattoo design Rather than choosing a pre-set design, you can get a custom tattoo design or tattoo drawing and have it done by a professional tattoo artist. These tattoos can really reflect the personality of the person that has chosen a custom tattoo that means something to them. Before deciding on the right custom tattoo for you it is highly recommended to look at a lot of tattoo drawings and designs. You can always get these altered for uniqueness. The designer may also be able to assist you in choosing a custom tattoo.

Small Tattoos

Custom tattoo design These are particularly popular for covering up blemishes and birthmarks. They are also popular with people getting their very first tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos that originate from tribes are classed as or called Tribal Tattoos. They have been around for literally thousands of years and are still popular in modern society despite the fact that most people no longer belong to tribes. They are very much associated with history and culture. ( By Richard Davies )

Monday, April 26, 2010

Design own tattoo

Design Your Own Tattoo For a Unique Look That Will Portray the Real You

Design own  tattoo Do tattoos interest you? Tattoos have been described as a most unique form of body art and better yet, unlike most other fashions if that is what you want to call it as some do, it is a practice that has stood the test of time for centuries. Tattoos served cultural purposes years ago and today they represent ways in which we define ourselves through body art and symbolism or even literal meanings as well as attempt to be fashionable by having a visually attractive design for a tattoo. Whatever the inspiration is behind getting a tattoo, it helps to know that you can always design own tattoo.

Design own tattoo Uniqueness is not always necessary but is certainly something you can achieve in your own mind. Especially if you have the ability to draw, you can create something that has your own signature so to speak. In some other cases you may have a certain symbol or other thought in mind that would make for a great tattoo. Whatever the case is, either you can come up with a design or a tattoo artist can help with that.

Once you decide on a tattoo design, approach the situation with some smarts. While you can design your own tattoo, trust only a highly professional artist to transfer that idea into a tattoo that will ultimately look good on you. Some may get stuck with unimaginative tattoos for decades but you do not have to if you come up with your own design! ( By Leigh Burke )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daisy tattoo

Tribal Daisy Tattoo - Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Daisy tattooIt's time to get your first tattoo but you aren't sure what to get. You were thinking of getting something like a tribal daisy on your arm because you've always like that flower. But, what you are concerned about is getting something too similar to what everyone else has. You don't want to seem like you are copying what everyone else is doing and accidentally wind up with the same tattoo as the next person.

Don't bother looking up ideas on Google Images because that is sure to wind up badly. Most newbies and seasoned tattoo-fanatics try and research design ideas so if you are trying to get something distinctive, this is not the right approach.

Pay tattoo websites are meant to help you find a unique tattoo. If you join, you will be allowed to search through all sorts of custom tattoos made by men and women who focus primarily on tribal designs. Not only that, but you will be able to have access to a large community of people who love and want tattoos too! There are un-inked people like you who are looking for advice and there are even more people who have their entire bodies covered, waiting to show you the way.

Daisy tattooHaving trouble finding the right place to get your new ink? These sites will also provide you with listings of reviewed local tattoo parlors that specialized in tribal work. There are plenty of places opening up, so you shouldn't have too much trouble, and the reviews these sites can really help.

Hopefully this bit of information will show you that research is definitely a must.

Good luck getting your new tribal daisy tattoo! ( By Dean Olmstead )

Celtic tattoo designs

What to Know When Choosing Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic  tatoo designsThe cross is among the popular Celtic tattoo designs which is being widely used. Often, this design is being characterized by placing a circle on the center of the cross which is the middle of the 3 points of the whole figure. This tattoo design has been considered to represent the heritage and faith of the Celtics. While it used to be hugely favored by the male species, this is not the real case nowadays. There are several tattoo artists of today that have added a feminine touch to these Celtic crosses.

Celtic tatoo designsCommonly, these designs involve some twisted turns and knots which can produce an extremely intricate and bold pattern. They are normally done in different shades of white, black, and gray but the entry of different colors is also being welcomed. Such variety has been the preference of females who want to have a more lively look that can fit their femininity best. In addition, there are also some tattoo artists that are good at making the design better. They can give the image some added dimension by playing with the Celtic tattoo's shape and colors.

With regards to choosing a tattoo, you must first consider each implication which will be put surrounding the cross symbol. Since the cross is the common symbol of religion for the Celtics, the four elements are being connected to the four corners of the cross. Enclosed with a circle, it is said to represent eternal life because the circle does not have any beginning or an ending. Also, the circle can represent the sun and the 4 corners signify the north, south, west and the east.

Celtic tatoo designsA good thing regarding the Celtic cross design is that they can be done in different sizes. Because of this, there is an endless ideal body part where this design can be inked. They can be placed on the arm, ankles, wrists or even the lower back. For this reason, there are many people choosing to get the cross pattern since they have limitless capabilities. Similar with a lot of tattoo designs, you can also include your own personality in your tattoo. You can even incorporate a basic Celtic cross and a flower. There is actually no limit and as you make your own design, it will have more meaning.

Up until today, ancient symbols are still being used as a source for inspiration for the influence of today's art pieces. And with this, Celtic tattoo designs have not been spared. Because these designs can be dated back to the earliest centuries of our evolution, choosing them can be an excellent decision. ( By Jennifer Langston )

Back piece tattoo

Before You Get That Tattoo - A Painless Way to Make Sure it Looks Good on You

Back piece  tattooIf you are thinking of getting yourself a tattoo, chances are that you have spent a lot of time looking for that perfect design. The availability of designs on the internet brings a wonderful choice of different fashions and styles with varied meanings and symbology. There are many tattoo design websites that showcase various tribal designs, astrological signs, favorite animals, dragons and other fantasy creatures, religious themes, scorpions and spiders; flowers, butterflies, and hearts. It's good to build a list of potential tattoo design candidates that you like.

Back piece tattooOnce you have chosen a design, you can now see what they look like on you with the new Virtual Tattooing websites that are available on the internet. With a Virtual Tattoo website, you can upload a photo of where you would like to place the tattoo and virtually apply your tattoo design onto your body. The tattoo generator website will then magically apply the tattoo so it looks like its real ink under your skin. You can then see if the tattoo really looks good on you or not. Sometimes what you imagine and what something really looks like has a very large gap in between. A virtual tattoo generator website is a quick, free, painless way of finding out the reality before you commit yourself in the tattoo parlour.

Back piece tattooThink of the virtual tattoo website as a fitting room in a clothing store. You can mix and match different styles and sizes. You can try on very large back piece tattoos that will cover your entire back to a small butterfly tattoo that is hidden behind your ankle. You can try on extreme designs such as various skull tattoos to trying on a light little happy fairy tattoo. A Virtual tattoo website is your mirror to many possible future yous.

Getting a tattoo is not a small decision to make. You will be with the design you have chosen for life. Sure, there are ways of getting tattoos removed but why bother going through that if you can make better decisions choosing the designs that you can be happy about? ( By Bob Nebrig )

Best tattoo designs

The Best Tattoo Designs For a Wrist - A Star, Heart, Cross and Short Quotes For Your Wrist Tattoos

Best tattoo designsWrist tattoos are all the rage right now. There's just something appealing with having ink on your palm or at the back of your hand. However, getting a tattoo requires a lot of thought and imagination. You want your tattoo to be a representation of your personality and individuality. Your tattoo becomes a part of who you are. Remember, you won't be able to get rid of your tat as easily as your clothes or your accessories. This is why you should find a tattoo that will be relevant to you not just for the time being but for the years to come.


The star is a symbol that plenty of us can connect to. Stars are one of the oldest symbols used in mythology. The five pointed star is often chosen by feminists as it symbolizes the sacred feminine. To some people, the symbol refers to a higher being or a supernatural power. Some people choose to have different variations of the star because it symbolizes their religious or ethnic background. For instance, the Star of David will always be regarded highly among those with Jewish faith or Israeli descent. The nautical star, although considered old school, is still a favorite among males.


Best tattoo designsThe heart is the most popular symbol there is for our emotions. Whether it is in honor of a loved-one or a certain passion that you have, having a heart tattooed on your wrist is a wonderful way to show anyone how you feel. If you have just recovered from a bad break up, a dripping heart or a patched up broken heart can send the message that you once loved and lost. A tat of a heart with wings can mean a free spirit or a person who just goes with the flow.


The cross is another symbol that has long been used in mythology and religion. To some, the cross symbolizes one's adherence to religion and loyalty to a supreme being. To others, a cross can represent a burden or hardship that one has hurdled through.


Lindsay Lohan is probably the most popular actress with a quote tattooed on her wrist. You can choose to have any small quote permanently inked on your wrist. It can be a phrase that guides your everyday decisions like "seize the day" or its Latin equivalent "carpe diem". The only rule is that it shouldn't be too long. Variations of quotes are names. You can have your spouse's name on your left wrist and your kid's name on the other. ( By Peter Brat )

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Back Tattoos

Back Tattoos For Men - Easy Ways to Find Fresh, High Quality Galleries

Back TattoosThere are a whole lot of generic back tattoos for men out there, and you're probably seeing all of it. Most guys spend all of their time seeing the same cookie cutter designs every single day, which usually leads to bad things, such as settling on one of those generic pieces. The good news is that there are tons of sites that are packed with amazing back tattoos for omen, and two fast tips will bring you to them.

Back TattoosDo you know why most guys completely miss out on the real, original artwork throughout the web? Well, I'll tell you right now. It's because of our constant reliance upon search engines. We use them for just about everything, which is fine in most circumstances, but they stink at supplying us with decent lists of tattoo galleries. If you've been using them to search for back tattoos for men, it might be time to put a halt to it. You will very rarely find any of the great galleries in their lists, because there are so many generic laced artwork sites out there that take their place in the search results.

Back TattoosI'm not saying this to frustrate you or anything like that. I'm telling you this because there's something you can do about it. You can start using large forums when looking for high quality artwork. They work like an absolute charm, too, because their archives are packed full of topics about tattoo artwork. If you can take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to scan through some of them, you'll be able to yank out names and links to all sorts of sensational artwork sites that you would have never found. Simply put, it's the easiest way to make sure you're seeing real, high quality back tattoos for men. Best of all, you no longer have to weed through pages of generic junk.

No matter what style of back tattoos for men you like, nothing can replace seeing the highest quality artwork out there. ( By Adam Woodham )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Body tattoo ideas

Body Tattoo Ideas For Women - Things You Must Know As You Design the Tattoo of Your Dreams

Body tattoo ideasDiscovering Body Tattoo Ideas that are both stunning and original is not easy. If you're a woman you may wish to get a somewhat feminine tattoo. Something delicate and not too aggressive.

Many women favor tattoos that are smaller and prettier then those for guys. To find original artwork that will allow you to stand out from the crowd, the Internet is hard to beat. There are plenty of online sites offering free body tattoo ideas. However, joining a members only site will shorten your search, and give you much better results.

Body tattoo ideasThere are SO many spots on a woman's body that a tattoo will look good. Popular locations are the wrist, ankle, breast, upper thigh and shoulder. Other places include the back of the neck, and near the belly button. Among the most popular designs are roses surrounded with vines or barbed wire, other floral designs, hearts, stars, and angle wings, and mythical creatures.

The low back tribal tattoo is currently the most popular tattoo for women. In fact, the low back is arguably the sexiest spot on a woman's body to tattoo, because it is often partially exposed. This creates a tantalizing sensation to those who happen to discover this piece of art. There are endless designs and countless styles to choose from if you decide to get inked there.

Body tattoo ideasOver the past 10 years, the number of females getting tattooed has increased. In fact today, body art is fairly common. Public opinion of tattoos has improved. Women who sport a tat are no longer automatically associate with gangs, extremists groups, or lesbians. Finally, tattoos are being accepted as true art. It is worn as a symbol of personal expression or to commemorate an event significant in one's life.

Joining a private membership site will allow you to put together some body tattoo ideas that will be original and special to you. Design a piece of art that represents who you are and what you are about. Display it on any part of your body that you are comfortable with, and share it with who you choose. Get a tattoo you will love. ( By Ambrose Adams )

Aztec tattoos

Aztec Tattoo Designs - Your Ultimate Guide

Aztec tattoosIn the search of unique ideas for tattoos, people dig deep into bits and pieces from their lives in the present and even in the past. Tattoos are all about individuality and at the same time sporting a piece of art that you could be truly proud of. What could you be more proud of than your ancestral roots? People have begun tracing their roots and found symbols and images that make for great tattoos.

Aztec tattoosAztec Tattoo Designs are increasing in popularity among Mexicans and even those who aren't. The intricate designs and unique designs have garnered fans who are simply awed by the Aztec's place in history. Though they were completely wiped out by the Spanish, many still walk among us today proud of their heritage. Whether or not those who are sporting Aztec Tattoo Designs are descendants or not, it is sure that the symbols have significant meanings personal to every one of them.

Aztec tattoosAztec images are generally colorful, bold geometric shapes. An example of an Aztec symbol commonly used in designs today is the sun. This symbolizes rebirth. Those who believe in the afterlife choose this symbol because it has been part of Aztec beliefs that the sun guards the heavens and is responsible for regeneration and renewal. Others are the Aztec calendar, the eagle, and the warrior which is a common symbol for determination and strength (since Aztec warriors are no quitters).

At first glance, these images may seem very simple but if you take a closer look, the designs are actually more complicated than you think. If you are getting a tattoo with such fine details, you should pick your artist carefully. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to achieve the effect that a genuine Aztec art would exude. One slight screw-up will ruin the whole thing. A tattoo with an Aztec design is definitely worth showing off, so make sure you find an artist who will make you proud of your art. ( By Alice Farrell )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Basketball tattoos

Allen Iverson Tattoos - The Inspiration That He Needs to Play His Heart Out

Basketball tattoosIt seems as if you cannot go anywhere without seeing someone that has their bodies adorned in tattoos, look at the famous basketball star Allen Iverson's tattoos for instance. Allen has been criticized for all the ink that he has on his body, but who is to say how many or how few tattoos a person is truly allowed.

Basketball tattoosEveryone has their own views on the tattooed generation. One thing does stand firm however, regardless of how many tattoos a person has on their body, they are still a person and they get the tattoos for their own underlying reasons. Before you can begin to understand things about Allen Iverson's tattoos you have to understand who he truly is as a person.

We are free to express ourselves in any means possible. So, why people past judgment on different forms of expression is beyond the laws entirely. Some people draw inspiration from words, while some people draw their inspiration from pictures who is to say what is right or wrong?

At the start of Allen Iverson's pro career the star came to professional basketball with one single tattoo. The tattoo was of a bull dog and it was found on his arm. If you think about it when Allen made it into the NBA, so did his bull dog tattoo. If you take the man then of course you are going to take everything else that he has with him.

Basketball tattoosAllen is always talked about when it comes to his tattoos. People who do not have tattoos find it hard to understand why someone would want so many in the first place. Allen Iverson tattoos have gotten him called different names such as rebellious and have showed people that he has a bad boy persona.

However, just because Allen has chosen to adorn his body with tattoos does not make him a bad person. In fact every tattoo that is depicted on the stars body has a special meaning to him. Whenever hes playing his heart out at a game or simply lounging around, he looks at his tattoos and draws all the inspiration that he needs in order to push himself forward from them. ( By Aurel Radulescu )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Custom temporary tattoo

Custom Temporary Tattoo - Three Easy Steps to Get Started

Custom  temporary tattooYou must be wondering how to make your own temporary tattoos. You're probably looking online to check out designs or even steps on how to make a custom tattoo yourself. But you wouldn't want to find out what have found the hard way. It's hard and frustrating to make them yourself.

So does that mean you should give up and? The answer is yes and no. You probably have this tattoo idea that you want to implement because you're organizing an event. You maybe even have several temporary tattoo designs in mind. However, you don't have to make them yourself. You can ask a manufacturer to do them for you. There are actually three easy steps to get started and you still have plenty of say throughout the process. Here are the three easy steps if you want to make your own temporary tattoos:

Custom temporary tattoo1. Choose from the available impermanent tattoo designs.
The success of a custom temporary tattoo will heavily rely on its design. You can check out the available gallery of your manufacturer and choose the best one for your event. This is the easiest way so that you don't have to customize your own design. There are a lot of designs out there so you don't have to trouble yourself. You can then customize the text around it to fit your event.

2. Give the needed information.
Ordering online is the best way to order them. It's your best option if you want to make your own temporary tattoos. Fill up the information sheet given to you with as much information as you can. For accuracy, it's best to upload or give the link to the design that you've chosen from the temporary tattoo designs available. If you don't have it, then describe it as best as you can. This is where you're going to give your payment information as well. Remember, the custom temporary tattoo prices are usually cheaper when you order it online.

Custom temporary tattoo3. Go on with your life.
All you need to do now is to wait. In order to be sure that you don't have to wait long, all you need to do is to order from a reliable manufacturer. Don't just order from the custom temporary tattoo manufacturer that you first see. You might as well make your own tattoos at home because unreliable manufacturers can give you more headaches. Don't just base it on their designs. Choose the best one that you can find. That way, all you need to do is to wait for the package to come in and admire them before they help you make your event a success.

So now you see that it's actually easier to order them online from a reliable manufacturer. Impermanent tattoos can help you succeed in the event that you're organizing. A reliable manufacturer can help you achieve that. ( By Jennifer T Smith )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black and grey tattoos

Black and Grey Vs Color Tattoos

Black and grey tattoosThere are many things to consider when getting a tattoo. One major decision you will have to make is whether you want a full color or black and grey tattoo. There are pros and cons to each. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your own gut instinct. But if you really can't figure out which style to go with, here's a guide to help you decide.

Black and grey tattoos go back centuries. They are the oldest forms of tattooing and were considered as luxuries back in they day. Only the richest people could afford tattoos. The standard for tattoos has fallen, obviously, since then. A way to decide if a black and grey tattoo design is right for you is to ask yourself what you are looking for in a tattoo. Some designs simply look better in black and grey.

Black and grey tattoosA pro for black and grey tattoos is that they hold up better than color tats over time. Sunlight is a killer for tattoos. It can damage the integrity of the overall tat and breaks down the pigments. Since less ink is used with black and grey tats, sunlight has less of an effect on the overall design. Also, it takes much longer for dark inks to fade. This is not the case for color tats.

If you do decide to get a black and grey tattoo, there are a few things you should expect from your artist and the overall experience. Since black and grey only use one to two colors of ink, picking the right artist is very important. Color tattoos can hide imperfections and don't need to be as detailed. The inks used with black and grey tattoos are black and sometimes white. The white is used when highlighting a specific part of the tattoo as well as for dramatic effect. For example, in portraits white ink is used to highlight the white of the eyes and the teeth.

Black and grey tattoosNow, on to color tattoos. These tattoos are bigger attention grabbers, so keep that in mind. A con for color tats is the fact that some people have allergies to the ingredients in the inks. However, this is pretty rare and the allergy commonly only applies to one color. The reason why people have these allergies is because of the ingredients that go into making the ink. Finding exact ingredients for each ink is nearly impossible as companies that make ink guard the recipes fiercely. Think of the "secret family recipes" your grandmother has stashed away.

The idea of having a bad reaction to the ink can be kind of scary, but don't let it frighten you away. Color tattoos are overall the most visually appealing! However, if you want your tattoos to stay as lustrous as the day you got them, you need to take proper care of them. Yes, I'm going to talk about sunlight again. That's because it only takes one bad sunburn can permanently damage your tattoos. However, using sunscreen whenever you spend an extended period outside can prevent sun damage! ( By Katie Runyon and Charlotte Tweed )

Body art tattoo

Your Tattoo Design - Body Art Tattoos

Finding the perfect design

Body art tattooYou definitely don't want a cookie cutter design and it may be ideal that you not choose from the wall poster at the tattoo parlor because you may miss the opportunity to have a very unique design. You want a design that is going to stay with you forever and have personal significance. You don't have to live with a tattoo forever, but that is certainly your intention when you get it.

Here's what you can do when finding the perfect body art tattoos:

Body  art tattoo· Evaluate your personality. Are you someone who likes things to be elegant, funny, mysterious, or bold? You may fit in one or more of these categories, but knowing where you fit can help you to find the tattoo that will reflect your personality.

· Decide if you want your design to be a popular one or a unique one. Some people want something that others will immediately recognize as popular and others refrain from this. What is popular now may not necessarily be popular twenty years from now, so choosing what is trendy at the moment should be done with caution. Find a unique and personal design at your tattoo design today

· You can carefully examine the different designs the tattoo artist has previously completed or you can look to the Internet. There are many places for you to look for the right design.

· Go with what you feel when you want to have a specific meaning behind your body art tattoos. Don't be concerned with how others interpret your tattoo or what they think.

Body art tattoo· Think about the colors you wish your tattoo to have. You can have virtually any color as a part of your tattoo, so don't be afraid to use some color. However, you do not want to overdo it because the tattoo may not look so nice in the future.

Body art tattoos can make your body a piece of art and help you to make a statement. There are some who turn to body art as a way to make themselves seen, heard, or to feel good about themselves. Others turn to body art for sentimental reasons. For those who have tattoos of sentimental value, they do not always show them off because they have them put on somewhere where people won't see. This may be your preference or you may decide to make your tattoo seen. Do what it is you want to do. Find the information at your tattoo design, download the designs at tattoo me now ( By Ben Blackmore )
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