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Tribal horse tattoo

Tribal horse tattoo

Tribal horse tattooTribal horse tattoo
So you have made a choice that you want a tribal horse tattoo. A tribal horse tattoo would be great body art, but have you really put that much thought into the research that you need to do before getting your new artwork

Japanese tattoo artist

Japanese Tattoo Art
Artilcles By Ben Blackmore
Japanese tattoo artistSome question the artistic factor of Japanese tattoo art, but it is because they are looking at simple pieces such as symbols. Japanese tattoo art consists of so much more. As a matter of fact, there are some amazing designs that celebrities and other high profile individuals have paid a lot of money for.
Japanese tattoo art has been around for centuries. It is thought that facial tattoos graced the faces of early Japanese settlers. Throughout the years, the art evolved and it was a custom to be tattooed with very detailed images. For instance, in 1827 Kuniyoshi Utagawa created 6 very intricate designs that were part of the 108 Heroes of the Suikoden. These heroes were like a bunch of Robin Hoods. Each tattoo told a piece of the story.
There is Japanese art that depicts their warriors as heavily tattooed. In today's Japan, it is not common to find someone who is heavily tattooed. As it stands, the Japanese people consider people who are tattooed to be a part of an underworld of gangsters. They believe it to be a habit of the low class. Young tattooed people in Japan have them placed where people cannot see. That way they do not have to encounter judgment by their peers or older individuals in Japan.
But the Japanese tattoo designs are quite amazing when you look at them. They depict parts of Japanese history, contain many fine lines that make the design, and the colors are so vivid and unique. Some people may even have their entire back tattooed because some tattoos are only good when they are large and a message is to be relayed.
Japanese tattoo artistFlowers and dragons tend to be the most common, aside from Japanese symbols with significant meaning to the tattooed individual. Extensive Japanese tattoo art can take a while to finish. Because of the amount of detail put into some designs, it can take several sittings to finish. Having one done in one sitting could be quite daunting to the tattoo artist and to the recipient. It is also necessary to allow some healing to take place before continuing some parts of the journey.
It is also common to see Japanese tattoo art of Japanese warriors with weapons and of serpents. The best way to know what your options are is to explore online or consult with your Japanese tattoo artist on what it is that can be done for you.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flower designs

Tattoo - Flower Designs
Articles By Paula Ribeiro

Flower designsWith so many floral species to choose between, with tattoo flower designs, it can be a rather daunting task to decide on the one that you feel is right for you. Also, you may be pondering over whether or not a sole flower is right, or if a chain or group of flowers is best.

Flower designsWhatever you decide to opt for, in the end, one thing you can always pretty much guarantee with flower tattoo designs is the fact that the finished piece is likely to be extremely colorful and very eye-catching.Mother Nature has spent a lot of time crafting these amazing plants and they will look wonderful when they are recreated on the body.

In nature itself, there are flowers that are available to capture any type of color that appeals to you. Whether it is the deep-red rose, or the more subtle white and yellow of the daisy; talented tattoo artists should be able to bring these alive for you in your ultimate tattoo piece.

It is probably fair to say that flower tattoo designs are usually more preferred among the ladies. This is because they provide the ultimate statement of femininity and the designs will look exceptionally tasteful, elegant and pretty.

Men do plug for flower tattoo designs and roses have always been a very common choice. Often such flowers will be accompanied by other symbols or emblems and the man usually goes for the rose as a statement of love towards someone special in his life.

I have even noticed a lot of men incorporate flower tattoo designs into fully sleeved tattoos and this actually looks highly effective. With plenty of green foliage in between the flowers themselves, this type of design will actually look far more masculine and makes for an awesome piece.

Women would not usually go as far as a full tattooed sleeve and instead, they tend to prefer to locate flower tattoo designs on parts of the body that are going to add to the elegance and daintiness of the piece. With this in mind, the top and bottom areas of the back do look absolutely great and for a long flower tattoo design, this looks amazing when it ventures down the length of the spine.

With floral chains, this can look particularly pretty when it graces the ankle area or even the top of the arm. Small and colorful designs also look at home when they are crafted at the top of the chest, but don't go overboard in this area and keep things subtle.

Flower tattoo designs popularity shows absolutely no signs of waning any time soon. In fact, they are being selected more and more by avid body art enthusiasts. These designs can be especially intricate, therefore make sure you select the right tattooist for the job. Don't be afraid to discuss adding other details or even taking some away.

Ankle tattoo designs

Sexy Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women
Articles By Chris Ryerson

Ankle tattoo designsHave you been thinking about getting a sexy ankle tattoo design? Ankle tattoos have been around for a long time and have always been a very popular place to get a tattoo for women. There are a variety of reasons for this they are very sexy, easily hidden when needed and there are a ton of great designs that work well on a female ankle. Below you will find some great ideas for ankle tattoo designs for women.

Ankle Tattoos Are Easily Hidden

Ankle tattoo designsOne of the best things about ankle tattoo designs are they can easily be hidden by wearing a pair of shoes and socks. If you work in a job wear bearing a tattoo is not acceptable then you can just cover it easily. However, if you want to show off your tattoo just take off the socks or wear a pair of sexy sandals to bring attention to your ankles.

Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Ankle tattoo designsThere are a wide variety of different ankle tattoos and one of the most important things to consider when trying to choose the design that is just right for you is to choose something that has symbolic significance to you. It might be a flower that is of special important or even the names of your children. Whatever it is you will be much happier with your tattoo if you put some time into carefully considering the design that you want.

Some of the most popular ankle tattoo designs are: Celtic, tribal, Hawaiian, dolphin tattoos.

Typical Costs

One of the best things about ankle tattoos is they are often not very expensive. Of course if you are looking to really save money and don't have much to spend you can simply get some of the flash that is in the tattoo shop you go to. However, this is not really the recommended way and instead it is better to choose a design that you create and holds significance for you. Even though it costs more to have an artist create a design for you in the end you will be much happier with the resulting tattoo. Ankle tattoos are pretty small and can most frequently be done in only one sitting a few hours tops. Thus means they will often be rather inexpensive. A typical tattoo will cost between $50 to $200 dollars.

Tattoo Pain

Pain is very subjective and what is unbearable to one person is no big deal to another person. Therefore it is hard to state clearly how painful the tattoo will be. However the easiest way to consider if a tattoo will be more or less painful is to think about the amount of tissue between where the tattoo will be done and bone. If there is not a lot of other tissue in the area that the tattoo is most likely going to be more painful. Therefore an ankle tattoo can be more painful then an arm tattoo design.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Famous tattoo artists

Lower Back Tattoo Designs - Ways to Be Unique
Articles By Terry Daniels

Famous tattoo artistsA tattoo can be anything and put anywhere on the body, but the sexiest place by far is lower back tattoo designs. Women are drawn toward them because they will accentuate the natural curves by making the waist appear smaller or enhancing the hips and curves of the bottom. Men find them appealing much for the same reasons.

Popular designs are those that wing out from a center piece. It can be a small, intricate weave or expand from hip to hip. Some lower back tattoo designs are extensions of larger, full back pieces of art. The body is a canvas, and the back is the flattest part to work on. Most tattoo artists are pleased when a client requests these areas.

If you are doing some searching online for these types of designs, you probably have seen the same artwork over and over again. Nobody really wants a tattoo that's plastered all over country. I have seen the same design many times while walking the beach in the summer. Boring. So, where to find original designs that are not yet popular?

Online Forums

Famous  tattoo artistsBy signing up for several online forums that discuss tattoos, you will find plenty of fellow canvas holders who will direct you to the best sites to find unique lower back tattoo designs. These sites are often rare in themselves, because you generally cannot find them using your basic search engines. From there you will be taken to:

Online Galleries

Some of these galleries will show works of art from famous tattoo artists from around the world, such as Damon Conklin, Boog and Mordenti. Some of these artists are known for their portraiture. If are looking to immortalize your idol, this is where you want to go.

By choosing work from artists that are creating designs you are looking for, you will be sure to get the very best. If you are new to body art, then learning how to spot good work is one thing you need to learn. Take your time and browse.

Famous tattoo artistsOne way to ensure that your lower back tattoo designs will be unique is by taking several different designs you particularly like and mixing them together to create a whole new look. If you are working with a professional this will not be hard to do. A good artist is also very creative in this area. Ask if this or that can be changed to make it totally different.

By taking your time and using some imagination and a good artist, you will be able to have a design that is uniquely yours, at least for a while. If an artist is very pleased with a design he/she will showcase it. You can request that it be kept out of the books and off the walls, but if it will be a money maker, don't count on it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Military tattoo designs

Military Tattoo Designs - Find Out About the Best Designs
Articles By Michael Trott

Military tattoo designsAre you considering getting a military tattoo design? Before rushing to a shop and getting tattooed, there are some things that you ought to know before you get one.

Military tattoo  designsHistoric and Modern, these are the two basic types of military tattoo designs. Historic designs are those that usually contain mottos and logos representing the most well-known fighters and veterans in history. Modern designs, on the other hand, are artwork devices that represent various divisions of the armed forces.

There is a restriction, though, for those who want to get a design representing a particular division in the military, but have never served in that division at all. By doing so, those who have worked in the division may be insulted.

If you are part of the military personnel, you have to make sure that design you choose is in line with the codes imposed by your particular branch. You can place your design in your upper arm so you can just hide it with your uniform when on duty.

One of the most-worn military tattoo designs is the "Screaming Eagle" device which is used by airborne soldiers. Although it is mostly associated with sailors, its popularity has been vastly expanded throughout the military branches. The Anchor is also one of the well-known designs worn by people who serve and who have served in the Navy. Army, marines and air force use the signature military tattoo design consisting of an American Flag and an Eagle.

Getting military tattoo designs does not only symbolize your toughness and bravery. What's most special in getting one is your dedication to your service, and your patriotism and love for your country.

Japanese tattoo art

Japanese Tattoo Art - History and Transitions

Japanese tattoo artThe Japanese tattoo art have gone a long way in such a way that it passed several transition period in the history of Japan. There are other names associated to the art of tattoo making. Irezumi means that a visible tattoo is covering the large part of your body, such as your back. If you are interested to adorn your body with Japanese tattoos, it would be ideal if you know also its history and meaning.

The Evolution of Japanese Tattoo Art

Early History

According to historians, the tattoo making in Japan was a strong influence by the Chinese culture. During the early years tattoo making is just a tradition done by Ainu people who used facial tattoos. When Buddhism became prevalent in Japan this form of body art had gained negative connotations because the tattoo is used to identify criminals as a form of punishment.

Edo Period

The tattoo making during the Edo period became a taboo to the Japanese culture because it is used by prostitutes. The yujos inked body art in their body to attract customers that is why tattoo has gained negative impact in the society.

Modern Japan

Due to the development and innovation in the society, the Japanese tattoo art has also developed. Nowadays, body art has gained popularity not only for younger people but the adults alike. For younger people they acquire this work of art just to keep in the fashion trend but for others they put tattoo in their body for some sentimental reasons. Upon knowing the transitions of tattoo art in Japan you will surely appreciate to have any of the designs and symbols inked in your body.

You can find different variety of tattoo art online and even in your local tattoo shop. If you are interested to learn this form of art you can buy books that could help you learn the techniques in tattoo making. Aside from enjoying the tattoo making it can help you obtain additional income by rendering service for body art. However, make sure that you know all the procedures and equipments used before you venture in tattoo making.

This form of body art lets you express yourself through the designs inked in your body. However, before you decide to pick one, it is ideal that you make wide choices. Likewise, it is also important that you determine what design would represent best your character and personality. Remember to select a design that has a meaning relevant in your life or has significance to you. ( Articles By Patricia F. Morris )

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Lost art tattoo

Lost art tattoo
Lost art tattoo

Guardian angel tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoos - Finding the Right Meaningful Design For You
Articles By Terry Daniels

Guardian angel tattooGuardian angel tattoos are very meaningful. However, everybody views them a bit differently. You must choose one that really means something to you, rather than pick one out just because you like the way it looks. All too often somebody will choose a random, low quality tattoo. After they get it inked onto their skin, they are either disappointed with the way it turned out or find that many other people have the same exact tattoo. This is because the internet is flooded with the same ole' tattoo designs.

So, how can you find quality designs of guardian angel tattoos? Well, obviously, you should take your time in choosing. Never, ever make any impulse decision in regards to something that will be on you forever. You don't want to be one of the many people who settle on the first decent tattoo they come across, only to regret doing so for the rest of their lives. They look back and wish that they had been more patient with their decision. The same thing will happen to you if you don't take your time to find a high quality design.

Guardian  angel tattooOne thing you need to do is make sure that the guardian angel tattoos you consider are truly drawn to be made into tattoos. The sad thing is that so many of the galleries you will find through a search engine will have nothing but generic artwork. Nothing you will find was actually drawn by a tattoo artist to be made into body art. A special type of drawing needs to be done in order for the designs to come out looking great and clean once inked in on your body.

Many people will end up picking out random designs. They go in and get them inked, and don't realize that the result is not going to come out looking as amazing as they were hoping. The guardian angel tattoos that they thought look great on their computer screens and papers don't look so great on them. Whenever you choose a design, you should ask a talented tattoo artist if it should be altered in any way before it is made into body art.

Here is a helpful tip that can help you find a lot of wonderful angel tattoo art that you have undoubtedly missed out on:

Guardian angel  tattooSpend some time browsing through internet forums. You will be amazed over the number of great links you will find at forums, most of which don't show up in Google results. All you have to do is use a forum's search function and type in "guardian angel tattoos" or something similar. You will then be able to locate all of the topics that have information, links, and images to quality designs. People post everything they find to share with others, therefore eliminating a lot of hard work that you would otherwise have to do yourself! Just check out the dates on the threads you look over to ensure that the angel designs you find links to are relatively new.

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Lion tattoos

Roaring Lion Tattoo Designs
Articles By John J. Phillips

Lion tattoosMany tattoo enthusiasts would agree that a lion tattoo design would be one of the most challenging designs they can inked on human skin. A lion tattoo design can come in different shapes and sizes. It gets more complicated once you think as to how you would like the lion to be captured and inked on your skin. The options starts from a simple lion's face showing its huge mane either with a big roar or just simply mouth closed, down to showing the whole lion's body in its most graceful form.

Whatever design would that be, we can all agree that lion tattoo designs have intricate details that will require great skill and patience from a tattoo artist, as well as a great endurance from the person getting the tattoo.

The lion is the king of the jungle, and as a way of expressing one's self, each one of us is a king in our own ways that would want to rule our life. So there is no doubt why people are willing to take the pain of the needle and choose to have a roaring lion tattoo design inked on their skin.

Even with the lion's powerful traits that can represent courage, conquest, personal intensity, nobility and great strength; the symbol is sometimes seen by some people from a different angle. Other people interpret that the lion tattoo designs symbolizes vanity and pride due to its ruling power in the jungle. For some, the lion is even associated to Christianity, especially when a full lion tattoo design is combined with a cross or a crown. However, in astrology the lion is the symbol of Leo that brings along the power of the Sun and its glory.

Lion tattoosIn spite of its various symbolism and meanings, a lot of people, especially the male gender are still choosing the lion as a tattoo design for their body that they will carry for the rest of their life. Yes, for the rest of their life. Tattoo inks are permanent so one should really know what they are getting into.

Lion tattoosIf you will ever consider getting a lion tattoo design, you should know what you want. Do a research of different lion faces, positions, and other designs you can add on. Get as much designs as you can get and trim it down to your top three choices. Again, "your top three choices" and not other people's choice, after all it is your skin that will be inked.

Once you have your choices, seek advice from tattoo artists; ask your family and friends' opinions about the lion tattoo designs of your choice. Then choose the part of your body where you would want to have it that you can wear it loud and proud just like a lion.

Name tattoo designs

Name Tattoo Designs - Giving Affection to Your Name Tattoo Design
Articles by Amy Johns

Name tattoo designsAs the name suggests, name tattoo designs imply that they have personal appeal for both the person who has the tattoo done and the person whose name has been embedded on the skin. I suggest that both parties consult each other and evaluate what design elicits the same degree of affirmation; except of course when it is meant to be as a surprise thing.

Our names are very meaningful to us. When we associate our names to persons, animals, and plants and even man-made objects that portray our positive and strong characteristics we generate further and deeper meaning to our names. Name tattoos ought to provide similar impression. What is more meaningful is that the indelibility of tattoos intimates that the person's expression of endearment through a name mark is forever. Basically, it would always remind and refresh the primary fact that the person behind the embedded name is of great value.

Name  tattoo designsThere are persons who love their family so much that they wanted to create a family name tattoo and desire that all members have it as symbol of unity. In this situation, a meticulous effort to select the best drawing and balance color combination must be done. The meanings and symbolism of the design must be interpreted among family members. A family assembly might be necessary to ratify the tattoo design being considered.

Excellence through out the imprinting of the tattoo must be the prevailing mindset of everyone involved. The lettering should be legible and readable. Calligraphic characters must be done despite the painstaking effort to possess a splendid name art. All for the sake of beauty, passion and love, give affection to your name tattoo.

Free tattoo art

Looking For Free Tattoo Flash Art to Print?

Free tattoo artFirstly, I would like to know where my tattoo designs come from. I wouldn't want a tattoo design that is not done by a professional flash or tattoo artist. It is very important that the artist of the tattoo design has experience and knowledge on drawing designs that are tattoo ready and friendly.

(quote from Otis Alston )

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Tattoos design

Dragon Tattoos Designs - Tips on How to Get Such Meaningful Tattoo Designs

Tattoos designDragon tattoos designs are considered to be one of those very popular designs that people are dying to have drawn into their bodies. These designs are usually singled out and adored so much mainly because the dragons are always associated by people to having strength, bravery, and power. If you are one of those millions of people all over the world who are bent on having their bodies inked with such dragon tattoos designs, then this article is for you. Here are some of the other things that you need to know in order for you to understand more about the concept of getting such dragoon tattoos on your body.

Tattoos designFirst and foremost, such dragon designs showcase a feeling of fearlessness which is a very important factor to being successful. If you have the guts to conquer, then more or less, you will be one of those people who will go for such dragon tattoo designs. After all, the tattoo you will wear will always be a reflection or mirror of what you truly want to become. Choose your tattoo designs wisely.

Protection and security are two of the other basic things that are represented by such designs. Such images serve as a representation or symbol of the person's total personality, or better yet, of his future dreams and ambitions as well. They may even suggest one's desires, wants, needs or longings for being protected and being secure at all times. By inking such markings in their very own physical body, it more or less strengthens or intensifies their beliefs of acquiring such traits and values.

What is more, there are what we call the European, as well as the Asian dragons which are the ones most frequently used as far as dragon tattoo designs are concerned. Both of these tattoo designs actually originate from a rich tradition and myths, which make the symbol of dragons much more worthwhile. The European dragons are actually those that are regularly exemplified in medieval times, if not as a castle guard, then as a frightening sentry.

On the other hand, you can also choose the Asian tattoo designs which have a sense of balance when talking about good and evil. These dragon designs in fact, represent not only power but also a great sense of mystery, goodwill, brainpower, knowledge, protection, supernatural powers, and of benevolence. While the dragons are considered to be both a fearsome and placid creature, the more the people are adhered to using them and making them a part of their bodies used as accessories.

In addition, there are also what you call the Chinese tattoo designs that come with fixed characteristics. While the Horned dragon is considered to be the strongest or mightiest, the Celestial dragons are believed to be the ones to watch over the mighty heavens and the one that protects God. In fact, there is still a long queue of dragons for discussion; but the most important thing is research if you want to end up with the best dragon tattoo designs for you. ( By Russell Reugh )

Tattoo Galery

Tattoo Galery

Tattoo GaleryAs tattoos for women are getting larger, more women are going for beautiful hearts, Celtic roses, tribal tattoos, stars, and a variety of other designs. Women are also becoming quite experimental when it comes to their tattoos, with some of them coming up with their own designs, and some women going for tattoos that are quite large as well. Usually you can find all of the most popular designs for women at a female tattoo gallery.

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Tattoo enthusiasts

As an expression of faith/religion

Tattoo enthusiastsReligious tattoos have become more and more popular these days because they can be designed to look cool and edgy. The cross is a very popular religious symbol that many tattoo enthusiasts are going for. You can find crosses that have tribal, eclectic, Celtic and Gothic styles on the net as well as tattoo books and magazines offline.

Tattoo enthusiasts( in the quotation from Trey Laudren )

Star tattoos

Star tattoos

These are some basic meanings of star tattoos. Now, if you want to get one for yourself, here are some star tattoo ideas that you can use for your own tattoo.

Star tattoos

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Orchid tattoos

Orchid Tattoos and You - Perfect Flower Tattoo?
Articles By Sylvia Rolfe

Orchid tattoosOrchid tattoos can be a great choice of tattoo for both females and males. Dependant on the orchid you get and the meaning you are after, this flower tattoo can be either end of the spectrum, highly masculine in nature or very feminine. A popular favourite flower for corsages and bouquets it is no wonder it is also finding popularity in the inked world. So what exactly can the orchid tattoo stand for?

On the masculine side of meanings it is all very sexual in nature, representing various parts of the male anatomy. In classic Chinese meaning it is often associated with the perfect man. On the other end of the spectrum are the more feminine meanings of beauty, charm and refinement. It is often seen as being a beautiful flower representative of all things feminine. It is also commonly referred to as the flower of magnificence. The feminine form of the orchid is also symbolic of perfection, love and family. Or in Asian cultures it is also seen as a symbol of something rare and precious. No matter why you seek this tattoo the origins and meanings are limitless and you can find one that suits your intended desire.

Orchid tattoosDue to it being a flower tattoo the varieties are endless and the uniqueness factor can be very high. It can easily be adjusted to fit pretty much every part of the body and work with the bodies natural shape. It can be given any colouration to provide the bearer with the perfect colour for them and their skin tone. The orchid itself has hundreds of different varieties of flower so you can be sure that one of the many types will suit your personal style and taste.

The orchid flower in tattoos is often seen as a symbol of sexuality or of luxury. Both of which may be the meaning you want for your flower tattoo. It is often also found in association with other Hawaiian flower tattoos to create the perfect piece of artwork on the canvas of your skin.

Horse tattoos

Horse tattoos

Horse tattoos

Horse tattoos

Horse tattoos

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lower back tattoo designs

Lower Back Tattoo Designs - Alluring and Seductive

lower back tattoo designsSome of the designs themselves even resemble a certain part of female anatomy in shape.(Imagination is used here) In some cultures lower back tattoo designs are used as aphrodisiacs, to draw attention to themselves and ultimately find a mate. The designs would represent a females ranking in a tribe and her achievements.
( Quotation from Terry Daniels )

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower tribal tattoos

Tribal Flower Tattoo Designs - How to Design Your Own Tattoo?

Flower tribal tattoosGone are the days when Tribal Flower Tattoo Designs were only used by girls.The only thing is you need to do certain home work before adoring any tribal flower tattoo design. Just know the meaning of that particular tattoo and get that on your body. Moreover, just decide which design suits you the best as per your preference and passion. You can opt any single color or multiple color combination for your flower tattoo.

Flower tribal tattoosFlower tribal tattoos

Pictures of tattoo

Pictures of Tattoos - What to Look For in Artwork Galleries

First of all, you need to see what type of artwork the gallery has. Once you find a couple of places, check to see if they have real artists submitting their artwork. If they have this, that's a sure sign that the gallery cares about what they put on their site. Most places do not care, though, and will stick just about any generic designs on their pages, just to fill up their database. They care about the "quantity" of the pictures of tattoos they have instead of the quality.

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