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Arm tattoo designs

Tribal Arm Tattoos - How Mere Ink Bears So Much Substance and Intrigue
Articles By Marko W.

Arm  tattoo designsJust A Little Black Ink Doesn't Mean I'm Of Questionable Character, Does It?

I grew up in a fairly conservative family where Tribal Arm Tattoos were considered taboo. Hmmm, a taboo tattoo? Sounds kind of ominous. Well, my less than liberal upbringing by my parents, were tremendously against the idea of myself getting needles jabbed in my body of which I wanted so badly.

I was led to believe that only people of questionable character and morality, were thought to get tribal design tattoos, no matter where it was located. I then thought - "Is just a little harmless ink on my arms created in a tasteful way, going to make me 'immoral'? Heck no!"

Once I grew up and obtained my own independence, basically having 'flown the coop', I looked into Polynesian tattoo designs much more closely. I found what I learned was very intriguing indeed...

Truly A Sacred Art-Form

Several generations ago and still to this day, tattoo art is considered an integral facet of the tribal culture among the Polynesian heritage. Tribal arm tattoos were definitely not just simple body art for decorative purposes. In those days, there were no tats of ship anchors, Disney characters or 'I love Mom' that's for sure.

Most, if not all arm tattoo designs, had been elevated to the spiritual realm. There were three major factors driving this transformation: Pain, Permanence, and Loss of the Life Source (Blood).

The mystical combination of the three factors was seen as the chance to draw ever closer to God; whatever that signified to the tribe. The two sons of the God of Creation, taught the fine art of tribal art tattoos to humans.

A Language In Of Itself

Arm tattoo designsThe tradition for tribal art designs, was temporarily lost when the missionaries eliminated the practice. However, this practice returned through the drawings of the German physician and explorer - Karl Von Den Steinen.

His artistry displayed representations of an individual's life history, work activities and island heritage, where it was permanently drawn on the tribes-peoples' bodies. Time, history, location and indigenous culture, have given rise to great variations of tribal design tattoos throughout the world. Thus it's extreme popularity in the international community.

Polynesian tattoo designs took on a vital role in their respective cultures. The Polynesians really didn't have any written language with which to communicate. Consequently, these societies used this complex art-form to express their sexual maturity, heritage, achievements, conquests and rank within their society.

Evidently, tattooing and everything it encompassed, would never leave their ancient traditions.

For example, a male member of the tribe, whom had no tribal tattoo, was still regarded as a 'boy'. He was not allowed to speak among the men and was forced to complete tasks traditionally carried out by the women.

Status Symbols With Depth

Tattooing has always been thought of as a rite of passage. Adolescents typically received their first tattoo at the age of 12 or 13. (I would think that's certainly not the most painless method to be introduced to your teens by any means!).

Additional tattoos would be received as the years passed during adolescence then into adulthood. The tribal tattoo design normally indicated the individual's growing prestige and accomplishments within the tribe. The number of tattoos indicated numerous factors, the more common being, wealth, strength and power.

Chiefs and warriors usually had the most tribal markings, including tribal sleeve tattoos, armband tattoos and even full body tribal tattoo designs. On the other hand, those with none or few tattoos, were usually not respected and often found themselves ignored and disregarded by the rest of the tribe.

So it was basically getting yourself pricked, poked and pained, or you can't hang out at the feasts and ceremonial shin-digs or you'd be shunned! Get some needle-love, or no tribal boogie-ing around the fire!

Countless societies worldwide continue to harbor a tremendous respect, fascination and desire for these alluring tribal art designs. There's so much more we can learn about these captivating tattoos, their origin and what they represent. Thus, these eye-catching intricate patterns telling their own stories in such a unique and remarkable manner.

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