Thursday, October 14, 2010

Koi tattoos designs

Koi Tattoos Designs - A Symbol of Wisdom and Strength
Articles By Lorenzo Zaras

Koi tattoos designsAlthough koi tattoos designs are popular due to its association with oriental (Japanese and Chinese) myths, it is gaining more attention from the western society due to its symbolical meaning. The koi is basically a symbol that represents perseverance during the time of adversity. It is perceived to be of strength in character and wisdom. It is also a symbol of longevity as koi fishes can live up to thirty years or for some lucky ones, up to 200 years. This character of longevity is further represented as perseverance and its color and form has charmed many artists.

Koi is a Japanese word for carp and has been a staple pet in still water ponds. They are very beautiful and their colors and designs are intricate.

The koi has long been a symbol of manhood and the strength of masculinity. It leaps and can even turn into a dragon based on legends. For Buddhists, the koi is significant as it represents fearlessness and braveness as it journeys through the ocean. Koi tattoos designs therefore can be a metaphor of a human being's struggle to exist on earth.

Koi tattoos designsWhere masculinity is valued, the koi tattoos designs are also popular. A young man can have a koi tattoo on his arm or leg and as he grows into a man, he might get a dragon on his back as a symbol of transformation as when a koi transforms into this mystical creature. The intricate design of the koi entices artists as its form, whiskers, colors, shape of each scale is lovingly tattooed onto a person's skin.

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