Monday, June 28, 2010

Moon tattoo designs

Sun, Moon, Star Tattoos - What is the Meaning of These Symbols?

Moon tattoo designsThe sun moon star design is great to wear. If you really love to wear a tattoo, it is a good idea to consider carefully that it's something you want to wear in the long term; perhaps a sun moon star tattoo may not appeal that well on you.

Moon tattoo designsThere are many designs to be selected in the internet today, like a tattoo gallery websites. This websites can help you allot to find the best tattoo design for you.

Sun tattoo design is may be a good design for both male and female. And the good spot in your body is in your upper back. But in getting your tattoo make a decision making first, ask a friend for some options. So if you have your first tattoo you won't regret it.

Moon tattoo designsThe Moon tattoo design is a bit mysterious type of tattoo. A moon tattoo design is also a very pretty design for women and lesbian it makes the wearer a nightly person or person who likes night life or who has a dark side tripping like rockers that performs at night.

A Star tattoo design is a popular type of tattoo anyone could wear it as long s your in the right age. Wearing a star tattoo can be fun and may attract attention from the opposite sex. You can also select your most likable design for your star tattoo; you can add colors and unite it with other tattoo like Star and rainbow design, Starfish design, Sun and star design and many more.

But the most important in having a tattoo is you like the tattoo, it pits your personality, and you consider it as an Art for your body to have.
( Articles By Eric Solomon Oligario )

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Football tattoos

Sport Tattoos - For the Die Hard Fans
Articles By Russell Reugh

Football  tattoosThere are lots of sports enthusiasts out there who go gaga over the team they support. For people who don't and can't understand that devotion or passion for something, this article would sound like a joke. But for all the die-hard fans out there, having a tattoo of one's favorite or supported team is their pride and joy. How many people would do such a thing? Fans would collect lots of memorabilia like mugs, baseball caps, t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, even pins and key chains, but only a true blue fan would ink his/her body with the team's insignia. Are you one of these people?

Football tattoosSports tattoos are another outlet for people to become creative yet again, with choosing their tattoo designs and on how they give meaning to that particular tattoo. Like all tattoos, sports tattoos have different styles and forms as well. The tattoo designs could either just be symbolic of the sport or it could be something a bit more literal. For football fans, they might opt to place a football on their body as a symbol of their love for the sport. Others however, take it to another level. They put the team's mascot together with the team on their design. Imagine if you were an Orlando Magic's fan, then you have a tattoo of the team's official seal. Talk about being a fan.

It is fun to watch and show support for your favorite team, right? It is nice when they score and you're there to scream and cheer for their victory. The players really appreciate a big thing. Seeing their fans cheer for them. It is a big thing. They get all hyped up and even do better to please you. So what do you do? You use your voice to make them aware that what they do is important. They don't only play for the sake of scoring, but they play for your entertainment. The least you could do is offer your support.

Sports tattoos are appropriate for every age, although children are most often not encouraged to have tattoos, many older people are getting hooked on getting their bodies permanently inked with their favorite sports or supported team it is not anymore a question of age, just as long as it is something you want or it's something that you are passionate about.

There are sports fans who want subtlety, that's why they opt to have smaller versions of their tattoos, while others want to show it off for the world to see. There are those who place their tattoos on their arms for easy visualization while there are those who place it somewhere hidden. Sort of like a silent praise and devotion to their supported team.

Although a tattoo isn't what fans normally get to show their support and devotion, nowadays, it is not such a taboo. More and more people are getting a tattoo design which symbolizes their passions in life. It is something that will constantly remind them of the thrill and the excitement they get when they watch their favorite team play.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Heart tattoo

Heart Tattoo Designs - Show How Your Heart Beats

Are you in love or broken hearted? It's time to express your feelings with heart tattoo designs. The art of tattooing has been very influential in the society today as it figures out many different designs from the past. And among those designs, hearts are said to be the meaningful designs ever. Heart symbolizes love above all. Heart tattoos today are really different from designs before. From simple heart figures, artists do several changes to make heart design appealing to many people. These combine other images like swords, flowers, names and ribbons.


Heart tattoo Heart tattoo designs have been introduced to the world in early 1900's. Soldiers and sailors are ones that that first put heart tattoos on their bodies. Before leaving for the fight, they commemorate their families and love ones by illustration several heart figures on letters and other forms meaningful things. On the other hand, sailors are ones that choose red colors for heart. Before leaving the girlfriend of the wife, they used to place heart tattoos somewhere in their body with a name inside of every heart shape.

Types Of Heart Designs To Choose From
Heart tattoo designs have lots of variation. Some are quite similar while others involved unique and excellent styles that truly symbolize love. There are also designs meant for religious individuals. As a huge fan of hearts, you can choose tattoos designs based on its meanings. Here are several examples that you can probably have in the future.

Locked heart

Heart tattoo This is the common designs used by both men and women in the society today. Locked heart is quite a simple design yet it symbolizes permanent relationship. Locked heart designs are often see with keys inside. This type of tattoo design is quite risky just in case you broke up the relationship with your girlfriend and most especially if it has name inside.

Sacred heart

In comparison with other designs, sacred heart is meant for Christians. This design symbolizes the devotion of people to their lord and savior Jesus Christ. And the same thing, Jesus Christ shows his love for human beings thru sacred heart designs.

Winged heart

Obviously, these are designs with wings. For some individuals winged heart represents enlighten or free soul. Yet for some individuals, this type of design symbolizes being alone from a relationship his or her love one has gone away.

These are only some of heart tattoo designs to choose from. By surfing the net or by visiting a tattoo artist, you can find a lot more designs. Tattoos are meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, deciding what type of design to get inked in the body is must thing that one should consider.
( Articles By Joanne R. Graham )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Printable tattoo designs

Printable Tattoo Designs - Improving the Quality of the Artwork You Find

Printable tattoo designs here's a pretty strong chance that you've been staring at an endless amount of generic printable tattoo designs. This usually leads to bad things, such as picking one of those cookie cutter pieces to get inked with. 99% of the people who do this end up regretting it, too. The quick fix for this is to locate the galleries that are filled with high quality printable tattoo designs and there's a fast way to do it.

Printable tattoo designs First of all, let me tell you something about the worst way to do this. It involves one very valuable tool and most of us love using: Search engines. Now, I absolutely adore them most of the time, but not when it comes to showing me where the good, original artwork sites are. They are horrible at this. If you plan on finding great printable tattoo designs by going through their lists, I wish you a lot of luck, because that's what you'll need. None of the better places show up in their randomized listings.

Printable  tattoo designs This is by far the biggest problem right now, because nine out of ten guys and gals use them. It's time for a change, though, because something much better is out there for gathering tons of sensational printable tattoo designs: Big forum. You can hate them or love them. It doesn't even matter. They are your primary source for collecting names and links to every amazing gallery you need to know about. The biggest forums have huge archives, which are stacked with topics about tattoos. If you jump into a few of them, you will run into so many posts where people talk about their happy findings of high quality artwork websites.

I've used this route to find so many great printable tattoo designs, for hundreds of various style choices.
( Articles By Adam Woodham )

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maori tattoo designs

Maori Tattoo Designs

Maori tattoo designsIf you have ever seen the distinctive Maori tattoo designs, you already know how beautiful and dramatic that they are. Maori tattoo designs are striking, but their meaning is not always readily understood. What do these permanent marks mean, and how are they interpreted? If you are curious about this type of design, there are a few facts that can get you started.

Maori tattoo designsMaori tattoo designs are quite distinctive, and they originate from the Maori people of New Zealand, where tattooing is considered a sacred art. In this distinctive type of tattooing, you'll find that you'll see a lot of curved shapes and spirals that conform to an intricate and recognizable pattern.

You'll find that while smaller spirals might predominate the design, you can often step back and see them forming a larger pattern in general. Maori tattoo designs often cover the face, though they can be seen on any part of the body.

Maori tattoo designsThe legend about how tattooing came to the Maori concerns a love affair between a young man and a princess of the underworld, named Niwareka. After their marriage, the young man beat his wife, and she left, going back to the underworld. The young man suffered greatly to find his princess again and to apologize, but when he got to her father's kingdom, his face was dirty and stained. Niwareka's family mocked him for his appearance, but he persisted, begging his wife to return with him, and when she agreed, he was given the art of tattooing to take back with him.

The traditional Maori tattoo designs that you can see are often very intricate, very highly planned-out works that will take a person's facial structure and personality into account. In Maori society, the tattoo was considered a passport; for men, it would testify to their rank, their ability in physical battle and the regard with which they were held.

In this way, every man could be given the treatment that was his due, and to treat someone who was tattooed in a way that was not in keeping with their rank, then a grave insult could be taken. Maori women were not as extensively tattooed as the men, though they might often evidence a tattoo on their chin, or under their lower lip.

A centrally located forehead tattoo indicated a person's rank, while their birth status would be tattooed on their jaw. Their position could be tattooed around the eyebrows, while the area of the temples was reserved for their marital state. On either side of the face, a man's ancestry was inscribed, with the left side generally being for the father, while the right side was for the mother's family.
( Articles By T Godfrey )

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gothic tattoo designs

Express the Darkside With Gothic Tattoo Designs

Gothic tattoo designsGothic tattoo designs identify the wearer as a member of the gothic subculture. There are many different associations and stereotypes about gothic tattoos, but they are trendy (especially among those involved in the subculture) and beautiful.

The gothic subculture is one that notes a preoccupation with death, a different idea as to what qualifies as beautiful and a worship of said beauty standards, a tendency to concentrate on the darker aspects of the human psyche, and to advocate manipulating one's appearance, which means that they are especially apt to get tattoos!

Gothic tattoo designsAnkhs and gothic crosses are popular gothic tattoos. The ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyph for "life," which is contrary to the gothic glamorization of death. Those who are aware and take the death preoccupation seriously will invert the ankh, as though to suggest the opposition to life. Gothic crosses are typically heavily adorned, deliberate, and also exalt the beauty in death.

Those who identify as gothic are sometimes drawn to the idea of getting their own bones tattooed onto their skin. Popular choices are the ribcage, which looks stunning when done by a very skilled artist, and the spine, which can be incredibly beautiful as well if handled correctly.

Gothic tattoo designsMythical creatures of gothic preoccupation are frequent subjects of gothic tattoos. For example, fairies, dragons, and the white rabbit are popular tattoos among members of the goth subculture. Another frequent choice is to get fairy, angel, dragon, or bat wings tattooed onto the back which can look really cool.

Other popular gothic choices are roses, especially black, skulls and skeletons, and spiders. Also, the gothic admiration of vampires makes a tattoo of a vampire bite popular. These choices are generalizations as to what is popular among gothic people, but they can look very stunning and identify someone as a member of the subculture.

Obviously, the ultra-popular gothic lettering is not only prevalent in those members of the subculture, but among tattoo enthusiasts everywhere. The extensive artistry in the lettering makes it ideal for tattoos due to the beauty in the lettering. Also popular among goths are tribal tattoos, usually chosen by a member of the subculture because they are typically black and symbolic.

Gothic tattoo designs are limitless. If you identify as a member of the subculture, you can dream up just about anything. If you are simply expressing your individuality, the sky is the limit. You can display to others your ideals if you agree with and follow the gothic lifestyle.
( By Jennifer Langston )

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Body art tattoo

Different Types of Body Art
Articles By Vienna Geerlings

These are the different types of body art:

Jewelry is the most common type. This is a temporary type which almost everybody wears (sometimes) like a ring or necklace.

Body art tattoo Tattoos are a type of body art which is permanent. Tattoos are created by colored materials inserted beneath the skins surface. The most common reasons to get tattooed are:

* Wanting to show your individuality and uniqueness
* Belonging to a group that has tattoos
* Pleasing your partner
* Identifying with a (known for tattoos) subculture

Piercings are a temporary type (which may leave a scar when removed). Body piercing is the creation of an opening in the human body in which jewelry can be worn and the word piercing refers to this opening. The most common piercing is an earring, but you can get a piercing in almost everybody part of your body.

Body art tattoo Nail art is another temporary type which is applied on your nails. It is really nice and affordable. It exists of (colourful) decorations on your (natural or fake) nails. It can be anything from stones and sparkles to tiny feathers.

Body paint is also a temporary type. It is painted on to the skin, and only lasts for several hours.

Nowadays body painting is becoming very popular in the use of TV an film projects, advertising, media, sporting, modeling events, runway, and much more.

Airbrush is a temporary type as well. Ink is sprayed on to the skin by an artist (sometimes through a stencil). The resulting design usually mirrors the look of a real tattoo, without any pain. If you use the best inks, the tattoo can last up to at least two weeks.

Henna is another temporary type. Henna the paste of a flowering plant which is used for body (and fingernails) paint and hair dye, especially in various festivals and celebrations. The paste is left on the skin for a few hours to overnight and the stain lasts a few days to a month. How long it will last depends on how long it is allowed to stay on the skin, the quality and the individual skin type.

Tooth Art is also a type of body art. The are different types of tooth art, some are permanent, some are temporary:

* you can replace your tooth (or teeth) with (a) gold one(s)
* you can get a (removable) cap for one tooth
* you can get a (removable) grill for all of you (upper)teeth
* you can get a diamond into one tooth (or in more teeth)

Scalpelling is a type of body art, which procedure is similar to piercing and it is also for the creation of decorative perforations through the skin and other body tissue. It is most commonly used as a replacement for or enhancement of ear piercings.

Implants are a temporary type (which may leave a scar when removed). Implants are devices placed under the skin for decorative purposes. You can get them in different shapes through an incision.

Branding is a permanent type of body art in which a mark (usually a symbol or pattern), is burned into the skin,

with the intention of creating a scar. This is performed using a hot or very cold branding iron.

Another permanent type is Scarification. This involves etching, scratching, or some sort of superficial incision or cutting as a permanent body modification, etching pictures, words or designs into the skin. During this process, scars are formed by cutting the skin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ink tattoo

Tattoo Ink, What Are Your Options?

Tattoos, once the domain of bikers and other societal outlaws, have become much more acceptable to the mainstream. They can be seen on people from all walks of life, from the cigarette smoking cook at the local greasy spoon to the teen-queen suburban debutante. Tattoo ink has been applied to nearly every type of skin imaginable.

Ink  tattooAny reputable tattoo artist will undoubtedly have a wide range of tattoo ink available to their customers. Traditionally, tattoos were created using inks made from ash, dirt or plant material, which resulted in a very limited range of hues that could be applied. However, modern ink can be found in nearly every color of the rainbow, giving tattoo artists and customers a much wider range of options.

Ink tattooBrightly colored tattoo ink is arguably one of the primary reasons for the explosion in the popularity of tattoos. No longer are tattoos relegated to the style common to old sailors and convicts. A talented artist with the right training and access to the right colors can create tattoos that are more akin to fine art. A browsing through any tattoo magazine will reveal a host of beautifully created and colorfully decorated skin art. These designs can range from the most realistic depictions of flowers and butterflies to the grittiest interpretations of Dante's descriptions of hell.

Tattoo ink is also available in some unique hues that can be used to create a truly one of a kind tattoo. White ink, for instance, is a relatively new idea in the tattoo world. A white ink tattoo is ideal for those that want something that is unique, but not obvious. This type of ink is virtually invisible from a distance of more than a few feet, making it idea for those that do not want their tattoos to interfere with work or social circles. Black light ink is also popular for those that are looking for something unique. These inks appear to glow when introduced to black light, creating a rather stunning effect.

Whatever your ideal tattoo, there is sure to be a colored tattoo ink for the job. If you are unsure what is available, most tattoo artists will be happy to show you the full range of available colors.

( Articles By Jennifer R Scott )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeve tattoo designs

Sleeve Tattoo Designs - Which Sleeve Tattoos Look the Best?
Articles By David Wesenburg

Sleeve tattoo designs We all already know that sleeve tattoo designs are some of the coolest tattoo's that you can get. But what are you suppose to do if you want to make it look unique? When most people look at a sleeve, they automatically assume that it is the same as every other sleeve out there. In this article you are going to learn different ways to make it extremely unique.

1-The design

Sleeve  tattoo designs The reason most people automatically think that sleeve tattoos are all the same is because they designs are so close to each other that they all look very crowded. I know the point of getting a sleeve is to have your arm inked all over, but you need to leave enough room in between each tattoo so people can see what the design is.

2-Add some color to it

Let's be honest with each other for a second, when was the last time you saw someone who added any color to their sleeve? Most people out there go with just black and white, but when you add in some of your favorite colors such as blue you will a very unique and cool tattoo.

3-Put something meaningful in it

Sleeve tattoo designs Are you married? If so it is never a bad idea to put the initials of your wife or the day you and your wife got married in the middle. Did something else happen in your life that is extremely important? If so then put the day of the important event in the tattoo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag tattoo designs

Confederate Flag Tattoo Design Ideas
Articles By Mike Wamoult

Flag tattoo designsCertain tattoo designs can evoke emotions in people almost immediately and the Confederate flag is one such tattoo designs. Depending on who you ask, the flag is deemed to be both a source of shame and pride for different people. For some, it is a symbol of racism but for others, it is a part of heritage.

If you are proud of your Southern heritage, and don't feel that the rebel flag is racist; you may want to consider getting rebel flag tattoos. A Confederate flag tattoo will send the same message to others as if you were sporting around with an American flag tattoo, you are proud of your roots.

Flag tattoo designsMost tattoos of the rebel flag are pretty simple, just an image of the flag itself, but you might want to add additional symbols that mean something to you. Some might include flames for the fire of the Southern personality, or even motorcycle logos if you're a passionate biker.

Before you decide to get a Confederate flag tattoo, especially one that could be on display often, consider that it is possible that your tattoo will be mistaken for a racially motivated or hateful image. This image is highly controversial, with many people relating it to the death of many Americans and the slavery of a whole race. You may just be trying to display your Southern pride others might not share in your glory.

If you're seeking an awesome Confederate flag design for yourself, it is important to be certain that you'll still want to live with it on you later in life. For some reason these types of tattoos seem to appeal to the opposite sex. What usually happens is once a person decides on this type of tattoo, then go to the tattoo shop and start looking through various catalogs and then pick one rather hastily, unfortunately many regret that decision later.

If you finally decide on a Confederate flag tattoo then put a lot of thought into where you will put it in your body. If you have this tattoo placed in a place on your body where it will be seen often then be prepared for the controversy that will surround it. Pray that you never have to apply for a job and your manager is African American. Just use a little common sense and think into the future before you get a tattoo like this one.

A cross tattoo symbolizes a strong religious conviction unless it is altered in a manner that contradicts that. An American flag tattoo usually indicates that one has strong pride for America and is patriotic. So it is only common that a Confederate flag tattoo would indicate that a person either has deep ties to the South or they are prejudice against African Americans. Again, that might depend on how the tattoo is designed and displayed.

So if are getting a Confederate flag tattoo, do take note of the above tattoo tips. That will allow you to own a design that you are truly proud of.

Eternal art tattoo

Eternal art tattooEternal art tattoo

Eternal art tattooEternal art tattoo

Eternal art tattooEternal art tattoo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tribal butterfly tattoo

How to Find Beauty in a Tribal Butterfly Tattoo
Articles By Dylan Douglass

Tribal tattoo is usually done in deep blue or black. The tribal butterfly tattoo can also be done in green or have other colors intermingled in the design. It is commonly found in the traditions of Hawaii, Polynesia and New Zealand. The butterfly is a positive symbol of change.

The tribal butterfly tattoo has a long history. This implies it is steeped in meaning and ritual. It is thought the tribal butterfly image is the same as the one that is carved into the totem poles of various clans and tribes. Originally, a tattoo of a butterfly would have included the shape of the butterfly within a patterned design.

However, in the modern world more and more women are opting for a tribal butterfly tattoo. They want an image that is more realistic and easily recognizable as a butterfly. Women choose a butterfly that is tribal because they are very pretty, fragile and can be colorful. This definitely suits the psyche of women as opposed to those who prefer a much darker expression in their tattoos.

This tattoo is perfect for placement on your upper shoulder or arm. Many people do have this tattoo placed on their ankle or wrist. Butterfly tattoo designs are also being placed more frequently on the back of the neck. Women are particularly fond of this. When they wear their hair down the tattoo is hidden. When they wear their hair up the tattoo is revealed.

In most cultures the butterfly is a creature of mystery. A rather ugly caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly. The tattoo can be a symbol of positive change. Individuals who are free spirited very often opt for this universal symbol of freedom. The butterfly is also admired for its great beauty and so it is a symbol that is chosen by women.

The tattoo can be as intricate or as simple as you want it to be. Men who use this tattoo usually opt for one that has a single tone. However, these tattoo designs can have as many colors as your tattooist feels is possible. When this tattoo is worn by a man it has a completely different look to the one worn by a woman. Tribal art can take on the appearance of strength or fragility.

It is thought women also love this tattoo because in real life a butterfly is so hard to catch. Its great beauty makes us want to catch it but it always seems to be just out of reach. The symbolism of this creature is captured with this tattoo. Tattooists also enjoy this design because it allows them to use many tones if you want them to.

The tribal butterfly tattoo is a symbol that is understood by all cultures. It can also be one of the designs small enough to be kept personal. There are a surprising number of people who have a personal tattoo. A tribal butterfly tattoo is so attractive it appeals to a wide number of people.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Italian tattoo

Italian Tattoos - Looking For Italian Tattoo Designs? Articles By Brandon Walker

Italian tattoo Italian tattoo designs are an amazing tattoo and in my opinion one of the best types of foreign language tattoos that you can get.

Getting a tattoo in another language has always been a popular choice by tattoo enthusiasts as when people first lay eyes on the tattoo they do not know the meaning behind it, or what it means when translated into English. This makes Italian tattoos very meaningful.

Here are three aspects to consider before getting inked.

#1 What do you want your Italian tattoo to say?
Make sure before you go to your local tattooist to get inked that you carry out research into the words or phrases you want translated from English to Italian. Some meaningful words or phrases in the English language may mean absolutely nothing when translated into Italian. As a result I would advise you to consult with a fluent speaking Italian who has a good understanding of both English and Italian as he/she will be able to give you correct advice on the words you want translated.

#2 Decide where on your body you want the design
Do you want your Italian tattoo on your ankle, lower back area or on the back of your neck? It is important to consider where you want your design before deciding on what you want it to say. This is because small phrases of words in English when translated to Italian can require more letters, making the tattoo a lot larger than what you might have expected.

For instance a short word in English may require twice the number of letters when translated into Italian which would take up too much space if you were thinking of getting an ankle tattoo design as an example.

#3 Locate your tattoo design
You now have to decide on the type of font, lettering and color of your tattoo design. I have found the best place to look online for tattoos is through internet tattoo galleries, which feature a wide variety of different styles of lettering that you can use for your tattoo design. These galleries often feature thousands of tattoo designs which make finding a stylish Italian tattoo design a lot easier.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girl tattoo designs

Girl Tattoos - Small and Cute Tattoo Designs Girls Love
Articles By Peter Brat

Girl tattoo designsGirls who would like to go for their first tattoo should definitely go for small and cute designs. Since they are tat newbies, big and bold imagery are not yet advisable at this stage of their tattoo journey. Tattoos are permanent so a great way to test if its for them is to go for miniature tattoos that look great as well.

Small and cute tattoo designs that are popular with girls are butterflies, heart, star and flowers. These are images that girls can always relate to. They are not only attractive as body art but they are meaningful as well. Moreover, they have flexible and versatile as tattoo designs as well and would look interesting when inked beautifully by a reliable and professional tattoo artist.

When it comes to choice of locations, there are several options to go for. The foot, ankle and wrist and superb body parts to go for when it comes to small designs. However these areas are more painful since there are less fats in those areas so less padding from the ink during the tattooing process. So if pain is an issue, one can always go for the flesher areas to lessen the pain, these are the arm, shoulder blade, back and thigh part.

Girl tattoo designsAside from tattoo design and location, one very important factor that a girl has to consider is the tattoo studio that she will have it done. Its mandatory that she check the studio first before committing. Make sure that its sanitary, reliable and the artists are professional and well-trained. The success of your tat depends on your tattoo artist so don't take these things for granted.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cross tattoos designs

Cross Tattoo Designs - Which One Do I Pick
Articles By Joe James Jackson

Cross tattoos designsCross Tattoo designs are popular. The popularity of tattoos dates all the way back well into the early days of man as evidence of their use and existence is found in many relics from the Neolithic era. Modern usage, as well as the word tattoo itself, is mostly inspired by Polynesian culture.

Common use of tribal style designs has made its way into modern language and culture. Though tattoos can be based on anything you can dream of and represent with a pen, one of the most popular designs incorporate designs.

Designs in History

Cross tattoos designsCross tattoo's have been used for ages, sometimes to represent religious symbolism, and sometimes the opposite. Many older sects of Russian and Japanese cultures used cross tattoo designs to signify affiliation with criminal organizations or other clandestine affiliations. Many cross tattoo designs stem from Celtic culture and are prevalent among many classes of European and American.

Designs can also have symbolism related to Christianity and are popular among members of the religion as a reminder of their faith. Conversely, many gothic and metal kids incorporate cross tattoo designs in a darker depiction to represent their personal tastes and style as well.

Choosing The Right Designs

Many tattoo parlors will have tons of clip art or pictures of previously inked tattoos to help you pick your design or craft what you have in your imagination. Usually at least one entire volume is full of designs since they are so popular and come in such a wide array of usages.

Many tattoo parlors can even screen your design on a temporary tattoo for you to try out for a few days to ensure that you are happy with the final drawing and how it wears in public.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Frog tattoo

Frog Tattoos Are Fun, Cute and Quirky
Articles By Mark F Hargreaves

Frog  tattooFrog tattoos are highly symbolic but also really cute and funny. They are normally displayed as armbands, on the lower back, ankles, shoulders, upper back, chest etc. Frog tattoos are discovered all over the world. Tree frog tattoos are ideal for a young person's first type of body art.

Frogs have an extremely sensitive skin on it's body which is thought to be magical. Frog woman was considered as the guardian of fresh water, and it was thought to protect humans from flood or thirst by making and manipulating a dam to control the waters for the maximum benefit. Frogs are often a symbol of harmony, regeneration and life. Frogs have always been associated with magic as in the Princess kissing a frog and turning him into a Prince.

The Frog symbol is a popular tattoo design that cuts across many cultures. The frog is usually seen as a teacher, as a guide to understanding supernatural powers and also as a mentor. You will find that in many cultures, the frog is associated with the ability to jump from one state of consciousness to another. Frog tattoos are one of the most magical and oldest form which stands for metamorphosis, regeneration and which gives new instructions in one's life.

Many of the native Americans consider the frog to be the 'Great Rain Maker'. With the last snowfall of spring the snowflakes touching the ground would turn into frogs announcing that the salmon would soon arrive. The frog tattoo is associated with water and the moon which is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and wealth for the coastal tribes in North America. The characteristics naturally possessed by the frogs have made humankind revere these delightful little creatures. Many Native American tribes believe that the frog brings rain and a good number of modern Christians wear a frog symbol due to the acronym Forever Rely On God.

In fact, frogs have a great amount of symbolism behind them. In ancient Egypt for instance, the frog was thought to be a protector and a guide to the afterlife. The Iban assume that having a frog tattoo on the throat will protect the warrior from having his head cut off in battle. And they also believe that their ancestors live in the body of the frogs to be close to their loved ones.

For these and many other reasons, frog tattoos are gaining rapidly in popularity. Frogs that are depicted as tribal tattoos or as Celtic tattoos are very popular. Frog tattoos may not be as widely sought out as some other tattoo designs, but this may very well be a good thing as you are certain to make a unique statement with this piece. Frog tattoos are as varied and different as the many species of frogs that they visually represent.

Frog tattoos also can represent the brilliance and color of the natural world. They may be made with a plain outline, or you can let your imagination run wild with bright, bold colors and more intricate designs. Frogs can be combined with flowers, vines, water lilies and more. Poisonous frogs may add something of an edge to these tattoos, and may be used as a symbol of the personality of its wearer - beautiful yet untouchable!

Some people may prefer a more cartoon like depiction for their frog tattoos. These pieces often show the frog in a crouching position with a cute, dopey, or sometimes even a sarcastic look on it's face. Many cartoon frog tattoos show the creature with its tongue poised for flicking at flies, or sitting peacefully in a pond on a water lily. Tribal and Aztec frog tattoos are also an interesting twist on this design.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dragonfly tattoos

Dragonfly Tattoo
Articles By Blake Allen

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoo designs are wildly popular for women. They love the free, wild spirit that the dragonfly symbolizes. Many women who are getting their first tattoo might get a small dragonfly somewhere on their bodies, as it's a great tattoo to have but a small one is easy to cover up.

Then again, some women choose to have ultra large, shimmering dragonflies either on their lower backs, legs or even their stomachs.

Dragonfly tattoosDragonfly tattoos can be many different colors, and for men that decide to get one, they can incorporate blues and greens. Women on the other hand, may decide to go with violet and purple colors. Any other color that a person wants to incorporate into their dragonfly tattoo is possible whether it's lavender, silver, blue, gray, orange or whatever you want.

The dragonfly is considered a symbol of stamina, as he goes all day long and never tires. Men or women who feel as if they never have the chance to sit and enjoy themselves may decide to choose from dragonfly tattoo designs.

In Native American religions, individuals believe that each person has an animal or totem spirit, and many people have the carefree, determined spirit of the dragonfly.

This is a perfect reason to find some great dragonfly tattoo designs to look through.

There are many different kinds, whether you want your dragonfly to be magical and accompanied by stardust, or a real tough cookie with flames and daggers.

Dragonfly tattoos are extremely popular, and as more and more people are getting their first tattoos and becoming addicted to skin art, the dragonfly is sure to become even more popular. You can find dragonfly tattoos on the internet, in tattoo magazines and in your local tattoo shop.

Check out some great dragonfly tattoo designs today to decide what kind of fluttering little guy you're going to get.

Nautical star tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos - Ancient and Modern Symbolism of Nautical Star Tattoos
Articles By Mike K.

Nautical  star tattoosNautical star tattoos possess deep symbolical meanings. This symbol was particularly popular among sailors. It is an old tattoo design which has penetrated the modern era. Its beginnings can be traced back to more than centuries ago.

From way back during the days of yore, prior to modern means of navigating, sailors used to navigate the seas with the aid of stars in the night sky. The North Star, which is visible in the Northern hemisphere along with the other different constellations of stars, served as guides for the navigators through the night.

Nautical star  tattoosSailors would have nautical stars tattooed on them since they relied on to guide them home safely. They believed that stars used to lead them back home. Furthermore, they had a superstitious belief that their nautical star tattoos would allow them to get home to their families safely.

Nautical star tattoos had also gained popularity among soldiers as well. There are a lot of soldiers who choose to have nautical stars tattooed on them for basically the same reasons - for protection and guidance. From these basic facts which clearly reflect the origins of nautical star tattoos, it can be concluded that this tattoo design signifies ones hope to be guided safely through a journey, even possibly the journey of life.

The nautical star tattoo or any tattoo design which depicts a star, based on old beliefs, are meant to protect and guide. In the modern times, a broader perspective about nautical star tattoos had emerged. This tattoo design represents one's direction in life. It had imposed a meaning not only among sailors and soldiers but to ordinary people as well. It is meant to guide a person towards the right direction in life.

Other interpretations state that a star pointing in an upward direction means that the person has a higher outlook or perspective in life. It may also represent big ambition and higher goals in life; the desire to succeed in all endeavors.

Nautical star tattoosNautical star tattoos can symbolize different things for different people. It is important to find a design which best depicts what it is you wish to express. If you're looking for the perfect nautical star tattoo, why not start your search at one of the internet's Top 3 Tattoo Galleries - each with thousands of high quality, unique tattoo designs.

Find tattoo

Girls Tattoo - Tips to Find the Best Quality Designs
Articles By Savin Aelva

Find tattooIn most of the times, it is hard and difficult to find the best quality tattoo designs for your needs and tastes. However, there are so many modern tattoo designs are available for your requirement. With these tattoos, we are able to intimate something the world. With the latest and modest tattoos, we are able to speak the language of personality through tattoo designs. And now a question rose in your mind that how to find these designs, at this point the internet will help you to find the best designs. You will find numerous designs, and sometimes you know just how much generic artwork is out there.

Find tattooThe following few tips will give a brief idea to find the best and sincere way to pin point the superb art out there. In most of the times, everyone would like to find the best tattoo designs, they prefer a search engine. There are so many web sites are offering wonderful tattoo design for their clients. Searching through engines is really an easy task and the question is how much quality of designs they are finding. Because of the search engines, they are able to find the tons of generic, cookie cutter stuff throughout the web. For this instance, the search engines are helping so much for the people who are searching for tattoo designs.

In these days most of the people, especially, girls are having too much crazy about these tattoos and at this instance, most of the search engines are providing some useful galleries of tattoos. Some of the web sites are having the designs, those are packed full of eight year old sings. Tattoos mean it should be different and some of the girls are interested to wear star tattoos. Most of the web sites are having wonderful designs and drawings, and they are placed in different web pages. When you are selecting tattoos, that must be a new to the world, and it should be apt to your body language. However, there is one secret for searching these tattoos. The secret is forums, you can ask for more and more people for best designs, and sometimes you are able to ask few questions to tattoo designers. There are so many fantastic communities are packed with excellent knowledgeable people, and they are providing these arts works to the people.

Find tattooIt is a great idea that finding the best tattoo design in the forum because, you are able to find some new and fresh and real artwork to be made into a real tattoo. Finally, there are some well established and experienced web sites are offering these new fashions designed tattoos for their clients. For more information and details, please visit their valuable website.

koi fish tattoo design

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design - A Lucky Choice
Articles By Madonna Jeffries

koi fish tattoo designWhen it comes to favorites with tattoos the Japanese Koi fish tattoo design is a leader. both in beauty and popularity. This design represents Zen and symbolizes 'Good Luck'. The Japanese draw a parallel between the Koi fish and a Samurai Warrior as they both represent courage, the ability to attain high goals and to overcome life's difficulties. Before rushing off and getting a Japanese Koi fish tattoo you need to consider many factors including the tattoo color, its location on your body and of course any complimentary inclusions.

What Color Should You Choose?

When you finally visit the tattoo parlor for your Koi fish tattoo you need to have a clear opinion of the color scheme you want the tattoo drawn in. A very popular color scheme is the time-honored Yen Yang design of black and white. For many of this classical arrangement is a little too conservative and tame and they prefer to choose another more vivid arrangement. For example if you have a dark or olive skin color it may be more appropriate to select a bright hue so the Koi fish tattoo is more noticeable. If you are wanting to go the more traditional style, you may want to choose one of the Koi's natural colors such as white, red, black, yellow or gold, or perhaps a mixture of those colors.

Ideally it is best to choose a color design that compliments your skin tone. As a suggestion, if you have yellowish tone in your skin it might be more appropriate to have a gold or yellow and red tattoo. If you have pink to your skin, black, white, red, or blue may be the best color selection for your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design.

Tattoo Positioning

koi fish tattoo designHave you any idea where you intend to position your tattoo? It is recommended that you make sure that your Koi fish tattoo has a place of honor on your body. You must also ensure it is in a place on your body that you can live with. For example, if your work place is of a conservative nature which frowns on employees having 'out there' body art or has a strict dress code you may not want your tattoo on your hand, face, neck or lower arm where the tattoo is readily visible and almost impossible to camouflage with clothing.

On the other hand, if you are free to show off your lucky Japanese Koi fish tattoo design, consider placing it on the small of your back, your forearms, around the side of your neck or even swimming around your ankle, as is one of the preferred places for female wearers of the Japanese Koi fish tattoo.

Koi Tattoo Environments

Once you have decided what your tattoo is going to look like and where it is going to be put, you need to give consideration to what other features you would like to include with the design. A popular and effective addition to the Koi design is a flowing stream, a calm pool or even rocky rapids. Combine your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design with a few unique inclusions such as your favorite Japanese symbol and it will result in a tattoo of high quality that can be cherished throughout the years by both the wearer and the admirers.

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Greek tattoos

Greek Tattoos - Find the Best Greek Designs
Articles By Tatum Tyler

Greek tattoosGreek tattoos give some people a chance to show their heritage and others a chance to have a cool design. In ancient Greece, tattoos were a form of punishment. They were used to mark slaves and prisoners. Times have changed but you want to keep that in mind if you decide on a Greek tattoo. The Latin word for tattoo is stigma. We have heard of stigma with regards to markings and that is just what an ancient Greek tattoo was - a marking of slaves. You need to find the best place to go to look for great designs and I'll tell you where that is.

It's always nice to have a word or words inked in a different language. It's a little mysterious and people have to ask what the tattoo means. That gives you the chance to talk more about why and when you got the tattoo. Not only with Greek tattoos but any in a foreign language, make sure you know what the tattoo means. The last thing you want to do is have something inked that doesn't mean what you thought it did. Or worse, something that is insulting to other cultures.

Greek tattoosI can't stress enough how much you need to investigate what you are going to write when you have Greek tattoos. When it comes to translating, the best way to do this is to find someone who speaks fluent Greek. If you can't find someone, your next bet is to use online translators. Make sure you check a few different translators to make sure they say the same thing. I would not suggest going into a tattoo parlor and asking them to translate whatever you want to say. You should be clear of what you want before you go in.

Don't rush. Your tattoo will be with you for a while so you want to make sure that you will cherish it for a long time coming. You also want to make sure it's good quality. To get the best quality tattoo, you must start with a great tattoo design. You can find professional tattoo designs ready to print at online tattoo galleries. A membership tattoo gallery give you unlimited access and printing rights to tattoo on the website.

Choosing a tattoo can be a hard decision. It will be with you for life so you want it to be unique and imaginative. Stop wasting time looking at website after website. Find great Greek tattoos by looking through thousands of the best tattoo designs all in one place.
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