Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tribal sun tattoos

Light Up Your World With Sun Tattoo Designs
Articles By Tony Newton

Tribal sun tattoosThe sun has always been depicted in many mythologies as a kind of god or deity. This could be a reason why even from long time ago, people already prefer to use sun tattoo designs. Using the sun as a tattoo does not mean you are worshipping the sun as your god. These days, sporting a tattoo of any design is just an expression of one's fashion sense. Some wear tattoos as marks or symbols that they belong to some close-knit group.

Tribal sun tattoos have visual appeal and excellent form when worn on skin. The most creative of tattoo artists can come up with really good variations of the basic sun image with use of colors and different strokes and styles.

There are various symbolisms for a sun tattoo. One is that it signifies anger or strength. Others use the sun to symbolize power, dignity, truth, great strength, leadership, force, and ultimate creativity. There are many forms as well - Celtic, eye of Horus, sun with the moon and stars, tribal sun, or Aztec.

Tribal  sun tattoosIt is important that you choose the right sun design that best suits your personality. This is true for any kind of tattoo design. You have to be proud to wear the tattoo on your arm, legs, chest, lower back, ankles, or shoulders.

Tribal  sun tattoosMen mostly wear tribal sun tattoo designs but there are a handful of women who also go for such a design. The sun tattoo design particularly looks great on the female's belly button but most women prefer having their tattoos on their hips or lower back. Men can have the sun design in a large size and have it pierced on their backs. That would provide a large space for the tattoo artist to work on.
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